Sunday, October 22, 2006

Look what I made!!!!!

It's a lumpy, bumpy, Nursing Pillow!!!LOL I made this with no pattern and in less than 1/2 an hour, the stuffing part took the longest because I wanted it pretty firm.
What do ya think?!?!LOL

My homemade Nursing Pillow!!!

I also finished up baby Matthew's Room today as well, I posted the pics in my Flickr!!

Three things, there is no crib, change table, or dresser. His pack 'n' play is set up in our room and when I get it all set up, I'll take a pic. It will eventually go in the far right hand corner of his room. I don't have a dresser for him either, still keeping my eye out for one on Freeycycle. For now, he has a hanging shelf in is closet that holds all his tiny outfits perfectly!! I also do not use change tables, I had one for a couple of years, but got rid of it just before Mariah was born. All I ever used it for was to take up space and hold JUNK!!!LOL I have a mini change station set up at the foot of the bed in his room, and all his supplies will be in a portable basket. I usually just end up changing my babies wherever!!!LOL

I think I am all set and ready for Matthew. I will have to get a couple packs of disposable diapers. The hospital where I deliver doesn't supply you with them. Besides, cleaning those first poo's out of cloth diapers is really not fun!!LOL
Oh and I'm also waiting for my mom to go and get the carseat!! That is a very important part, if I plan on bringing him home!!!LOL

Have a blessed Evening!!!