Monday, October 23, 2006

Doctors Appointment

Happy Monday!!!

Here's the latest scoop from my 37week appointment!!
Blood pressure: 100/60
weight:130 (but I'm sure it said 135, the nurse was looking at it over her desk)
measuring:37.5 weeks
and I am dilated to a 'good' 1cm!!!

Next appointment is Nov.3rd and we should be scheduling the induction that day(although not for that exact day, I don't think)!!!

POsted a couple new pics in the flickr, I was playing with my camera in the mirror!! I so totally love that trick!!!LOL!!

I'm also going to be doing a regular belly pic tonight for the top of my blog, only about two pics left for that....:o(

Well, time to start bedtime routine!! Have a blessed Monday night!!!!


Multi-tasking Mom said...

Your mirror photos are adorable! I'm glad to see that the appt. went well.