Thursday, November 9, 2006

Checking in...............

No baby yet! ARGH! Still having regular contractions, but they come and go...*sigh*. Hopefully....prayerfully......magically......things have progressed to make favourable at my appointment tomorrow..........I'm not that convinced though. :o(

Sorry nothing that exciting to report!!LOL

I'm making my way back to the couch, my two main activities at this point are walking around the house and up and down the stairs, to sitting on my butt! I did however make an Apple Cinnamon Strudel Cake this morning! And have some yummy homemade chicken soup cooking in the crock pot (for tomorrows lunch) tonight I am totally leaving dinner in Alyssa's hands....I think we will be having hotdogs and Mac 'n' Cheese and cut up celery and for me!

So, I will update after my appointment tomorrow morning, as soon as I can....I'm thinking I might get that nifty thing Misty has on her blog on mine....then I could just call in to my blog and post that when Matthew is cool is that?!?!?! You guys can call in and leave me messages too!! I think I'll go check that out!!

Please keep us in prayers, not only about my labour and delivery, but the other stuff that is hanging over our heads right now too.
Have a blessed Thursday!!!