Tuesday, November 7, 2006

HoHum News..............

Well, baby Matthew is still in my belly!!!LOL I'm soooooo sorry I didn't update when I got back, the kids were insane and I was trying to get dinner put together...ugh! Then after I had FINALLY got things settled down, my 'sweet' hubby was in the middle of an internet game and my goodness if THAT got interrupted...*sigh* I really need a laptop with satellite Internet!!!LOL

Anyways...on with the update!!LOL

At the very least my 3hrs were not in vain the other night, the DID soften my cervix and bring it forward ever so slightly, so a very small change. (can we say I have a very stubborn cervix?!?!?LOL)I am STILL at 1cm!!LOL So, no induction as of yet. She did however discuss the possibility of using cervadil (the gel to ripen my cervix) and then using Pitocin (or Synto as they call it) and THEN breaking my water, but honestly, that all just sounds pretty ridiculous in MY situation!! I could be in there for 2 days!!!LOL no thanks!!

So, we are just sitting around waiting!!LOL I do have another appointment on Friday morning (the 10th) at 8:40am MST, if things have changed to make me favourable by then, then we should probably get things going this weekend....if not...then we continue with the same plan. I'm nervous about sitting here, but I think the risk of a spontaneous homebirth (or EMS) is better than rushing something that obviously is not ready!!

The kid's theory is that Matthew wants to have a double digit birthday like they all do!!!ROFL!!(Alex-26, Alyssa-18, Robbie-19, Kayla-15, Mariah-22)*I* think this little guy just wants to prove me wrong that I CAN carry a baby to my duedate!!!LOL

Oh, and here are the drs stats:
weight:134lbs (HA!! I knew I was gaining weight!!!LOL)
bloodpressure: 102/63
Matthew's heartbeat:140
He was also a bit further down and when I had a contraction while she was checking me, she said that his head comes down even further and then 'bounces' back up afterwards...so without a contraction we're at a -3 station and with she said about a -2.

So, there it is!!!LOL baby Matthew is very content in his cozy environment and is determined to be longest carried baby!!(and at this rate my BIGGEST baby too!!!)

So, I have to find things to keep me occupied because timing contractions just isn't fun anymore!!LOL, so the kids and I sewed a bunch of Christmas pillows for the living room!! I can't do much more cleaning anymore, the body just won't budge past it's limit. So I baked some cupcakes last night and proceeded to eat a few for breakfast!!!LOL
My kids are still pretty grumpy too, I'm beginning to wonder if it's just anxiousness?!?!

Well, off to email some more people and then have a couple more cupcakes for snack.......aw c'mon they're chocolate!!! How can I resist?!?!?!

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!


Sandra said...

He's getting ready. I just feel like you guys will be snuggling close to that little one by the end of this weekend. I know you hope so, anyway...LOL.
With my lil boy, I was induced with cervadil then pitocin. HA! I was in labor 26 hours!My longest, by far, out of four children (14hrs,9hrs, 9.5hrs)However, it probably would have gone ALOT quicker, but my dr.'thought' he had broke my water several-SEVERAL hours earlier, but he hadn't. Once he actually did break the water, Alex was born less than half an hour later. :)

Oh, you'll have to take some piccies of the pillows you and the kiddos made. I'm looking for some ideas of something to do like that.

Have a great Wednesday!