Monday, November 6, 2006

It's Monday!!!! It's a new week!!! It's a new day!!!

Nah, I'm really not THAT energetic today!!LOL Actually, I am very tired. I was having contractions every 7min on the nose from 9:30pm until sometime in the wee morning hours. When midnight hit and they were still the same, I knew they weren't going to do much...phooey!!! Now, they've gone back to 20min apart!!LOL I will find out this afternoon if they've actually DONE anything, I have no idea since I have only had the darn contractions and NOTHING else!!LOL

You know, if it wasn't for the fear of a delivery like Kayla's, I would be perfectly fine with this whole scenario. Even with Kayla's it wasn't so bad, I just would've liked to have arrived at the hospital AT LEAST 1/2 an hour before delivery and not 6mins!!LOL I also happen to like to have the opportunity to CHOOSE whether I would like an epidural or not and not have to threaten the poor intake nurse about my desires!!!LOL It would also be nice to be able to drive to the hospital at the posted speed limit and not have to hear my husband tell me to SHUSH! or how much my sounds resemble a wounded cow!!!And that I had better not let my water break in the van!!!ROFL!!!

The kids are awfully grumpy today, I'm not sure if it's the weather change or what their problem is, if anyone should be grumpy around here it should be ME!!They all keep asking me "Is Matthew going to come out tonight?" and "Is your body ready NOW?" LOL!!! They all have days picked out for when they think he'll be born, today is Alex's and Robbie and Alyssa's is tomorrow. My day has come and gone!!!LOL If Mr. Matthew is still snuggly in me by Thursday, this will be my longest pg!! Alex was born at 39w2d, 39w1d, Robbie was 38w3d and Kayla was 39w0d, Alyssa was also 39w0d....maybe that's the deal, Matthew is making a statement!!!He wants his own day...I guess that leaves 39w3d!!!ROFL!!

I have told the kids they could have today off (and yes, they are STILL grumpy) and if the doctor tells me that we will be putting in for my non-emergency induction this evening (or tomorrow evening....or the next)then they can have school off until Matthew is born. If things are not favourable for the induction, then we will resume school as normal tomorrow!! Guess what they're hoping for?!?!?!LOL!!!!

Well, I suppose I should go and throw a load of laundry in....maybe do SOMETHING!!LOL Then I think I will search out some more of the kid's chocolate...YUM chocolate!!!

Oh BTW, just for a funny...when I got weighed at the drs on Friday, guess how much I was??? 130lbs!!!! ROFLMBO!!!!! I have now been 130lbs since week 33 according to their files!!!LOL There is no way that is possible, I think their scale has something against me....just for today I am going to stand differently on it....maybe backwards!!!LOL And yet my belly is measuring about 1-1/2 weeks ahead...LOL!!!! It's the magical pregnancy...LOL!!!.....grow a baby and don't gain a pound!!!ROFL!!!

I'll post later....have a blessed Monday!!!


Sandra said...

Praying you had a good appt. today. Maybe those contractios did a little something.

Anonymous said...

No update after yesterdays appointment?? Does that mean you're holding little Matthew in your arms right now??? Keeping you in my thoughts today girl....GOOD LUCK!!

Multi-tasking Mom said...

I pray that all is well and that Baby Matthew has safely arrived! And I'm not just saying that to get a day off of school. LOL ;-)