Friday, November 3, 2006

Doctors Appt Update!!

Just a quick note!

Everything went very well and I am very blessed to have such a great doctor!

Soooo, here's the verdict:
My body is not favourable for an induction right now (via breaking my water) I'm still at 1cm(which is nothing to jump around over when you've given birth 5 times!!!LOL) and there isn't enough forewaters (bulge of the amniotic sac above baby's head) for her to break. She did say that I am in 'early labour', but knowing me, I can be there for a month!!!LOL She did mention that I could go in and have an IV with Pitocin started, but I'm not comfortable with having that unless my body was showing it was a bit more ready. Basically I won't 'allow' anything unless I'm at least 3cm.

So, now I will spend the day cleaning some more and 'enjoying' contractions every 6-8mins!!!LOL!! Praise the Lord I feel good and can do that!!!I'm also so happy that Matthew is a happy little guy in there as well!

So for right now, nothing exciting to report, but if things change I'll let ya'll know!!!!

Thankyou for all your well wishes and prayers!!!
Have a blessed Friday!!!


Sandra said...

Oops! There I was on "pins and needles" last night and you had already updated...LOL. I just forgot to click "refresh" on my browser. I'm glad to hear the appt. went well. He'll get here when he's good and ready...LOL. I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend.