Thursday, November 2, 2006

Time for Change!!!

Well, it's November.......time for the winter graphics!!!LOL I won't bombard my blog with Christmas ones yet (even though my house is decorated!!!YUP! Everything but the tree!!!LOL)

We were busy yesterday, November 1st is Christmas decorating day at our house!! The tree will go up November 26th (our family tradtion is either the first Sunday after Alex's birthday or on his birthday, whichever comes first) and then the outside lights get turned on December 1st!!! Whoohoo!!!

Mrs. Seamans came by for a visit today, drop off the kid's marked work and some tests. They all got good marks on their first modules!! It looks as though Robbie will most likely begin grade 2 math after Christmas!!! Alex is also going to be doing a supplementary Language program, because he worked ahead and completed assignments that weren't due until Jan.10th!!!LOL

I went out with Kerri last night and we had an awesome time!!! Even with all my waddling!!!LOL She blessed us with some wonderful treats and I can't thank her enough!!! Truly I am blessed to have such wonderful friends in my have no idea!!!! I am all ready for baby Matthew, all except the car seat. Thankfully it looks as though Becky will be loaning us a seat. Praise the Lord our precious blessing will have a safe ride home!!! Don't ask about what happened with my mother......*sigh*. But, at least my little man has diapers to wear at the hospital and wipes and some wonderfully smelling bath stuff, his bags are packed with cozy blankies and snuggly sleepers!!(and Mama's is packed with hotwater bottles and ginormous sanitary napkins!!!!LOL)

So, tomorrow I will find out what is going on!!! I am sooooooo excited!!!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone! I can't wait to snuggle my little man in my arms and brush my lips across his fuzzy head and inhale that intoxicating new baby aroma!!! I'll be sad to see my belly go and I will miss his movements, but I will embrace the time we will get with nursing!!!! I will post as soon as I can about what will be happening, as well as email friends and family. My appointment is at 8:30am MST tomorrow (Friday). I'm having regular contractions now, they range from 5-10min apart. The further apart they are, they are more painful and start in my back. But the close together ones are just annoying!!LOL So, I know my body is ready!!

I've had a couple emails in regards to being induced (some of you are quite adamantly against inducing!!! Which is perfectly fine!!!But, WHOA!!!) We are inducing because of my rapid labours/deliveries. While I completely agree that a natural birth is the best, in MY situation, induction is the safest. We are 20min from the hospital when there is no traffic and I REALLY do not want to risk delivering on the side of the road with a freaked out husband!!!LOL Not only that, as much as I would love a homebirth, I like the safety of a hospital or at least trained people (even though Alex is convinced her could deliver a baby!!!LOL) not only that, I really don't want all the trauma associated with having EMS here and my being rushed off via ambulance. So, there you have it!! BTW, my inductions are very easy. Typically all it takes is breaking my water and sometimes a bit of pitocin. I'm usually in the early stages of labour by the time we induce.

I hope you all enjoyed our pics!!! We had soooooo much fun painting my belly!!! The kid's thought that was the best part!!! It was pretty cold that night so we didn't trick or treat for long (I think it was around -10 to -13 degrees Celsius) the kids had their costumes over top of their snowsuits!!!LOL But, they had fun!!!

Well, back to nesting!!LOL I'm trying to get as much done as possible!!!!

Keep us in your prayers!!!
Have a blessed Thursday!!


Sandra said...

Oh my gosh...I'm on pins and needles here. Your appt. was this haven't updated. I'm wondering if you are in labor now or have had that baby boy by now. Either way...I'm praying for ya. Get some rest.

Blessings and ((((HUGS))))

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