Thursday, January 11, 2007

De-Lurking Week!!

OKay so it offically began on Jan 8th and ends tomorrow, but hey!! Here I am!!!


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I am so flippin' cold!! Ah yes, I know my Southern Friends are a smilin' at me, but it really is cccccold!!! Right now, according the to The Weather Network it is -25 degrees celcius and when the windchill is factored in, we're at what feels like -34 degrees celcius!!!! Brrrrrr!!!!
We didn't get the blizzard that they got in the city North of us, but the wind was pretty fierce!!

I'll post later about Robbie and what the outcome was, they are at the clinic right now.

Have a blessed Thursday!! And say "HI!!!"(I know your out there!!!LOL)


Sarah said...

Hi Penny! Just saying hello as I finally am able to view and post comments again - yeah!! Matthew is adorable, growing so fast. I'm looking forward to seeing your new hairdo :)