Tuesday, January 9, 2007

It's a new week and back to school we go!!!!

Well, day two of school was acomplished today!! Actually the kids have been doing pretty good getting back inot routine with school. I'm also in the process of implementing a whole new chore system, we've been having a few issues with compliance lately, mostly from one certain child who shall remain nameless, but at any rate, it was time!!

This one is all color coded and will involve more precise explanation as to what the job is....no excuses!!!LOL
After I'm done writing it all up and coloring, I'll post a picture!!

Also got a few things acomplished on the drs/vaxing/dentist appointment bookings...Got the vaccination appointments done, I had wanted to schedule all three who are due together(Alex, Kayla and Matthew), but I guess Kayla can't have hers done until AFTER Mar.17th...soooooooo....Alex and Matthew will go together and Kayla has an appointment all on her own, which I guess in the long run is not such a bad idea afterall......I don't think she will be overly pleased with the whole thing!!LOL

I also only managed to get Alyssa and Matthew in for a 'yearly checkup' as well. Our doctor is just crazy to try to get an appointment with and they only book 2 back to back appointments at a time for the same family...yeah...you know what I mean!!!GRRRRRR!!! I figured Alyssa hasn't had one since she was like 4 and we had requested a referral to see an ENT about her enlarged tonsils, so I figured it was time!!

I also booked an appointment for Robbie to go in at the end of the month, but Bill is going to take him in on Thursday.....we recently discovered that the rib right over his heart is pushing outwards and now sticks out a far amount(I can cup my hand over it). I have no idea what is going on, it doesn't look like pectus excavatum(funnel chest where it looks 'caved in') or pectus carinatum (chest wall protrudes and resembles a pigeon) as it's only right above his heart and doesn't really include his breastbone. Like I said, I have no idea as I have only ever seen those two in teenagers and not in someone who is as young as Robbie. We covet your prayers for him that it's nothing serious.

Well, time to get the kidlets brushing teeth and all that good stuff!!
BTW, as requested, I have updated the FOOD BLOG with some recipes, they were from an old post back in 2005, as soon as I can I will write some recipes/planning/menus for everyone...it's one of my most requested posts!!! :o)
I also will put into the flickr some new pics......ENJOY!!!!
God Bless!!!


Anne said...

Penny!! You MUST come to LOK PG board and post pics of Matthew! How are you doing? I keep looking for you over there!