Friday, January 5, 2007

Graphic Change!!!

Time for some Valentine's Day stuff!! Personally the only two things I like about Valentine's Day are that it has alot of PINK in it (my FAVOURITE color!!!) and it has a focus on LOVE!!! Other than that, I could care less about the day! Oh, and I guess the abundance of cinnamon hearts is a perk too!!YUM!

Well, I did it, I got my hair chopped off!!! It was just dusting my waist and now it is just dusting my shoulders!! My head feels so light (shhhh, don't need any 'smart' comments LOL!!!) but it feels sooo much better. I have a before pic and will be doing an after pic as soon as I can rope someone into it!!

Grocery shopping went great, Matthew decided that Auntie needed to carry him around for awhile and then he was hungry just as I was packing groceries (at Superstore you have to pack and load all your own groceries) it was interesting trying to pack groceries with one hand and a very un-happy baby in the other!!We survived and I was able to park myself in the foyer of the store while I waited for Bill to come and pick me up and feed him, but then of course he filled his diaper and I had to wait until we got home to change him...thank goodness it's just a few minutes drive!!

Well, speaking of the little man, he is requesting a snack and then I suppose I should get myself to bed!!
Have a blessed weekend!!