Thursday, January 4, 2007

It's almost the weekend!!

Although at this moment in time, it really feels like the weekend everyday!!LOL That'll change come Monday............back to school!!!!

I had a blast with Kerri the other day, Matthew was so well behaved, although he did force us to sneak over to McDonalds because he needed a quick nursing!!LOL Thankyou for the treat Kerri!!
I did really well and was able to the kids each something, Alyssa got two new prs of pants, Alex 3 shirts and 3 pants, Robbie 3 shirts and 1 pant, Matthew 2 sweatsuits(oh how I LOVE the little suits at Walmart, they're only 2/14.00!! and soooo very cute!!)and Mariah and Kayla both got a Dora velour outfit, which are both very cute!!! All within my budget, which is really nice!!!

Tonight I'm off to get groceries with my sister, and tomorrow I am cutting my hair!!!
I will definitely take some pics of before and after!!!

It is such a blessing to be able to go and get the children some much needed clothes and also be able to go and get groceries tonight, I couldn't be making this happen without the blessing of others!!!

Well, better be off, Mariah is brushing her teeth in the bathroom.....alone.....and has just shut the door!! YIKES!!!

Have a blessed Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Penny, I am so glad that you had a blessed Christmas. The kids looked so happy in all of the pictures. Looking forward to you updating your food blog if you have the time. Things are pretty tight here and would love some new recipes or ideas that are healthy but still within budget.