Monday, January 1, 2007


Hope this is a blessed 2007 for all of you!!
I was just thinking last night, I have been 'blogging' for 3 yrs now!!LOL
I typed up my very first entry In December of 2003, and I was pregnant with Mariah!
I wish I could get those entries, but they are saved on our old computer that cannot even startup anymore....wah!! I guess maybe with some tinkering one day, I can get it up and day!!LOL For now, it sits in the living room collecting dust!!Hehe!!

A few things planned for the rest of the week, getting the house back in order is top and then a girls day out!!WHOOHOO!! I want to hopefully get Mariah a few things(her pants are riding a bit high!! I think we just might be finally out of the 12mo-18mos size bracket now!!LOL) and Matthew needs some clothes as well(he could very well be bigger than Mariah before the summer!!ROFL!!!He is just fitting 'nicely' into the 3mos size right now, so I think I'll only be getting him 6mos and up!!LOL). Alex defintely needs some pants and Robbie needs a couple of things too. Nobody has listened and held off on growing until the Used Toy and Clothing Sale in April....sheesh!!!!Not only that, this was the first year they didn't get any clothes for Christmas, except Pj's from Nana and Papa and socks and undies in their stockings!!LOL Grocery shopping most likely Thursday night, Superstore is having a very good sale on their store brand products!!!Then On next Monday it's back to school for everybody!!!
Somehow this month I have to schedule 3 for vaccinations, 5 for dentisits, 5 for eyes, and 7 for checkups...uh yeah...I'm sure it'll all happen!!LOL Although, for the past couple of years I haven't been doing the yearly checkups(with the doc) and just taking them in as we'll see.

Well back to work!!!
Have a blessed New Year's Day!!!


Scribbit said...

What a sweet picture. As the oldest of six and mother to four I have a love of large families.

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

I never realized I could reply to comments!!LOL DUH!!
Thankyou for your kind words!!
God bless!