Monday, January 15, 2007

Homemade Ice Cream anyone???

That is what we're up to!! We're waiting for our icecream to finish churning!! I received off of FreeCycle yesterday an electric icecream machine!!! It's just a little one, by far MOMYS sized, but it's perfect for a quick little treat!! We decided to try making vanilla first, and then possibly chocolate later this week!!

We had a nice weekend, Kandie and Brad were her for the weekend and we just hung out relaxed and played Clue with the kids and the 'BIG' boys played on Brad's Xbox 360.


Oh yeah and Alyssa was taking some pics the other day, and here is one where you can see my hair much better!!


Next weekend I am hoping (praying!!!) to be able to get some groceries, won't be much, but some is better than none! Right?!?!

Well not much else to write about, have a squirmy little babe on my lap and ICE CREAM to tend too!!LOL
Have a blessed evening!!