Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Middle of the week..............

We were pretty slack the last two days of school, did mostly 'home' stuff like reading and sewing and baking. I think it's important to have days like that!!
Alyssa chose to do some sewing later in the day, she actually sewed up everyones stuffed animals that had a tear and then wanted to attempt to make some little pillows for her barbies.....

Alyssa sewing

I'm so happy she enjoys sewing, it's one of my favourite things to do as well!!

This morning this is what it looked like out front my house....

The morning of Jan.17th out my front window!!

at least it wasn't bitterly cold, only about -4 degrees celcius, not too bad and I think that included the windchill.

Alex had a bit of trouble focussing today and spent a little more time than the others doing school work, I don't know why he has to do that sometimes. Ah well, it's his choice!!LOL

Alex doing some catch up in Language Arts

Alyssa, Robbie and Kayla were busy playing downstairs, when they called for me to bring the camera down, they had set up the girl's christmas gifts with pictures they had drawn and Ayssa declared it a 'blog worthy' pic!! So here it is!!

Alyssa, Kayla, and their babies

and last, but not least, some pics of the two littles from today!!

Miss Mariah

My little smilely guy...YUM!!!

Not much planned for the rest of the week, through some careful juggling with finances, I was able to put some $$ aside to get groceries on Saturday. My sister is coming to spend the night on Friday and then we're heading over as early in the morning as we can!!

Have a blessed rest of the week!!!