Saturday, January 20, 2007

Request for Prayer......

*sigh* I told Bill on New years eve that this was going to be a great year and quite frankly, I would be overjoyed to have a 'boring' year. However, in the last couple of weeks, I'm not sure.

Bill hasn't been feeling the greatest, I just chalked it up to stress(see below)but today he went to the drs, he has pneumonia. He's on antibiotics and steroids to reduce the inflammation.

Also, his Mama is in the hospital. She isn't doing to well and they aren't 100% sure what is wrong. Initial tests showed that when she was admitted her potassium level was at 9 (normal is 3-5) and her kidneys are not functioning well at all. Today the level was around 7, but they're hoping to get it down to 5 in the next couple of days. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for her and Bill's dad as well.
The kids put together this picture for me to email to them so Bill's dad could print it off and take it to her room for her.....Hallmark can't beat that!!

A picture for Nana

Went grocery shopping today, praise the Lord I was right on budget!!*huge sigh of relief*
I REALLY hope that Bill's work can get him back in the next couple of weeks (being REALLY optimistic here!!) they had originally said the end of January, but we haven't heard anything yet. I can't believe we've been dealing with this for a year now, only by the grace of God have we been able to make it.

Sorry for a downer post, just feeling kind of sad and worried, I love Bill's Mama like she's my own and I cannot imagine not having her here and yet I feel I need to be strong for Bill and the please keep us in your prayers and in your hearts, Bill's Mama is such a spectacular Mommy and woman.

Have a blessed weekend and a peaceful Lord's day.


mamatrav said...

Penny, that picture would perk anyone up. It is too cute. I pray that things improve quickly for your family and pray for a speedy recovery for your MIL.

Sandra said...

It's been forever since I've been here,or it seems, anyway. Gosh, look at Matthew! Goodness, he has grown! Love your hair cut! What a sweet picture card the kids made for their Nana. How is she doing?I'll say a prayer for her and even when I don't get by here as often as I should, you guys are still in my thoughts and prayers.
Have a blessed week.