Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Blah's and an Update

Don't know if it's the weather or what, but I'm motivation tank is running on empty or perhaps fumes!!LOL
I best not be coming down with something!!LOL I don't have time to be sick.....and not only that it would blow my theory to bits now wouldn't it Kerri?!?!?!LOL
The kids aren't in the best of moods either, whiney could sum it up!!(and so could irrational, irritable and plain grumpy)

Bill is feeling a bit better, just has a yucky cough......that of course has to rear it's ugly head at night. I made him NeoCitron last night, and it seemed to help a bit.

Bill's Mama is doing not bad, praise the Lord they were able to get her potassium lowered. Now it's just perform a test and wait for results kind of game. Thankfully they're keeping her in isolation to hopefully prevent her from contracting any type of superbug that hospitals are now notorious for and of course the other general infections that float around. They were possibly thinking that her hip bone may have become infected (remember me saying that it's broken and has been for going on four years...yes FOUR years)Can you even begin to imagine the pain??? Makes my Fibro seem pretty tame in comparison I tell you.
All we can do is pray for the drs to have wisdom and wit with her and for the Lord to ease her discomfort and speed her recovery, but His will, will be done.
This woman has overcome many obstacles that have baffled many of doctors. (Like really, who arrives at the hospital with a potassium level of NINE?!!?!?Most people are either well on their way or are in cardiac arrest!!)So I have faith, a cautious faith mind you, but faith nonetheless.
We have a loving Lord who always answers our prayers, we just don't always agree with the decision, but He knows best!!!

Well, I suppose I should go and get Monday's laundry going (does that tell you how un-motivated I've been??LOL I usually have my daily laundry DONE or almost by this time!!)At least the kids are done school for the day.

Don's forget to tune in to T L C at 7pm MST (9pm EST) to watch the Heppner family, and then right after is 16 and Movin In with the Duggars!!WHOOHOO!! I am in TV heaven!!!! My kids LOVE the Duggars...if only I could talk Bill into 6, 7, or 8 more....*grin*
Have a blessed day!!!
PS. THANKYOU sooooo much for comments and emails that you have sent, I'm sorry it's such a pain to leave messages here.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope your energy is better tomorrow.


mamatrav said...

Hi Penny
I felt just like you today with my energy level but it could have something to do with that I am 6 weeks pregnant!! I love the TLC shows. I also love the Duggars. I know that it's not nice to say things about other people but I would love to give Michelle a new hair style. She just has too much of it. I think that she would look great with a nice shoulder length style. Hope that you are more energetic today.