Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Updates, Updates, and Updates......

I can't believe a week went by so quickly and yet at the same times, it feels like it's been forever.

First, Bill's Mama is doing MUCH better. She is still in the hospital, but in much better shape. Also, the bone scan came back and there is NO sign of infection in her hip or in any other parts of her bones.

Bill is doing a bit better, he went back to the drs today and had an xray done on his face this time. The dr thinks that 10 days of the antibiotics wasn't enough to kick the infection as his lungs still sound 'gunky' and his sinus's are a little 'gunked' as well.

Everyone seems to be doing good at fighting the bugs floating around, nothing serious other than feeling tired and Mariah has a bit of a stuffy nose.

Got a bit of info regarding Bill's work situation...have I ever mentioned how FRUSTRATED I am with this company??!?!?!GRRRRR, I get this urge to phone them up and tell them a thing or two. Anyways, the Disability people, Bill, Bills work and the doctor all had to be in agreement to place him back into work. WELL, Bill's dr sent off an okay letter, Bill signed a letter and the Disability people signed their stuff, but apparently Bills employer has not done a thing, even though the Disability people emailed for a followup (the head office is down east, so they do everything via email)on Jan 5th, Jan 15th and Jan 25th...with no response. So the kind gentleman from the Disability dept called them to see what the hold up was, apparently, the original person no longer handles this sort of thing and it had been forwarded to the person who is...AS HE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HER!!!UGHHHHHHH!!!!

Honestly, how does someone sit there with this in their inbox for this long?!?!?!
So, we found this out on Jan 26th and as you may have guessed, we still have not heard anything.

I guess though, it's shown me just how faithful our Lord is. We're going on a year now and each time I panic, the Lord has answered. So, as I type this I am trying not to panic again because as it turns out I won't be able to get any groceries this week. *SIGH* at least I was able to get a few things quite cheap the last time I went grocery shopping, so I got a few doubles and triples of things. I just wish I would've been able to this week because Superstore is having their club pack even this week!! Ah, well...what do you do??!!(just keep swimming, just keep swimming.....)

I just got to keep praying that this situation will end soon and that it's just a season. All I can say is that I am ever so thankful for Hill Billy House Wife and her wonderful recipes and tips. I've had to adjust them to meet our needs and conversions, but all in all, it works out great!! Thankyou Miss Maggie!!!

Making Ice cream and bread is such a blessing too, but I have to cut back on the baking....I'm running out of flour!!LOL(and sugar and brown sugar...LOL!!)I'm in LOVE with my Ice Cream machine, if you love ice cream then this is an appliance worth investing in (or keeping an eye out for on FreeCycle like I did!!)I'm keeping an eye for a yogurt maker next, it's something that would be well used here to, especially at times like this when I can't buy it and the kids LOVE yogurt!!!

On the agenda for the rest of this week, the kid's homeschool worker comes on Thursday, so they are all busy bees finishing up their modules. On the weekend, I plan on catching up on a few loads of laundry, helping the kids organize the basement...it could do with a bit of TLC!!

Well, best be off, the kids are all done brushing their teeth and are soooo patiently (NOT!!!) awaiting a story and prayers..
Have a blessed week, and please keep us in your prayers if you feel led.


Multi-tasking Mom said...

I'm glad to hear that Bill and his mom are improving and that the rest of you are keeping the bugs at bay. I haven't had much time to get to the computer lately and I've missed reading your updates. I'm all caught up now and I wanted to say that your hair is gorgeous, and I LOVE that get well message that the kids sent!