Thursday, February 8, 2007

Friday!!! and other stuff...........

okay so it's friday tomorrow, I'm getting an early start!!!lol!!
Here's my friday five!!!

1. When you were a student, would you have been more likely to turn your test in first or last? It depended on the test, math-handed in when the bell would ring...written tests in other classes-first!!

2. Question 1 on a test can be narrowed down to either A or B (you’re sure it’s one or the other). Question 12 on the test can be narrowed down to the same two answers. You know one is A and the other is B. Do you go for the all-or-nothing guess (choosing A for one and B for the other) or do you play it safe and take one correct (choosing A for both questions)? I'd choose A for both!!

3. Are you more of a multiple-choicer, a true-falser, a fill-in-the-blanker, or a free-responder?Free responder, I like to explain myself...or maybe it's just I like to talk?!?!?LOL

4. What are your thoughts on standardized college aptitude tests such as the SAT? Well, we don't have SAT's here, so I can't really comment! :p

5. In the past week, in what ways have you been tested? Well, around here, I'm tested all the time!!LOL Although, I guess this past week I could say my patience has been tested, everyone being as sick as they have been and my not having any sleep....ugh!!

Wasn't that fun?? Get yours here: Friday 5

I think the kids are slowly getting back to normal. Matthew is still coughing and barfing each time, Mariah isn't as bad, but cries when she has a coughing fit, which in turn causes her to cough more and look at me and say "Mommy, I sooooo sick". Kayla is doing much better compared to a week ago, and the olders are hanging in there. I'm debating whether I should go into the drs and get myself checked, I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a sinus infection, but we'll see. I also found out the other day that my poor sister has Mono....poor kid. I am hoping that is not what we're dealing with here...I certainly do not have time for THAT!!! I remember when Alyssa had it when she was about to turn two.......that was terrible!! The doctor at the children's hospital said it was the worst case he'd ever seen in a child in his career.Ah well, for all I know I had it as a kid...I had everything else!!LOL

I feel bad for Kandie, she is soooo tired and feels so yucky. She had to have a blood test done because her liver is enlarged and has been told her spleen is also fairly enlarged.

Still no word from Bill's job, not that I am surprised, this company is really making me angry!!! Which brings me to a couple of questions I've received!!

Q: Why doesn't Bill just get a job somewhere else?
A: because he has worked so hard at this current place and we would loose all our benefits, he would lose his salary and seniority at the company. Also, he would end up losing the Long term disability payments and is a new job didn't work out, we would be in deep doodoo!!
I also got a few emails asking other similar types of questions, so hopefully this answers your question....
I also got some emails after the Kids by the Dozen shows aired (why ya'll email me?!?!?!LOL j/k)
here's some that I snipped:
Q: I noticed that some of the families have clothes and other items left on their door stoops and front porch. I was wondering if this happens to you and if it does, how do you feel about it?
A: There have been a couple of times I've had a box left on my front door with no idea who it was from and inside was a bunch of clothes for boys and girls or a garbage bag with a note. Personally, I see it as a blessing and I am grateful for anything that comes my way. I don't feel as though someone took pity, just that they thought they could help and most likely have someone who would fit the clothes they no longer used!! Just as when people I know hand me down things, I welcome and am grateful for it. Let's face it, I can use pretty much anything...towels, sheets, blankets, dishes, of course clothes......everything gets used more often around here and thus we go through things much quicker!!!LOL Especially linens and clothes!!(and lately spoons and glasses?!?!?!?) and as some of my friends know, I LOVE to try and get stains out of kids clothes, hence why I don't hesitate to buy clothing that has stains nor do I refuse clothes that have some stains!!! I think the only type of clothing I wouldn't use is seriously outdated stuff (I'm not that mean of a Mama!!LOL) or badly ripped/stretched clothing (in which case, I usually use these for quilt making or sewing projects for the kids!!)
Q:how do you react to other people when they make offhand comments or remarks to you?
A: I used to feel really upset, but now (I think baby #3 did it) I reply with my own comments, usually the other person's tone depicts what comment they'll hear back. A rude one will usually receive a sassy reply, whereas most time people just get a smile from me...see below:
Q: what comments do you hear most often and what do you reply with?
"Are they all yours?" this one is the all time most often thing I hear!! My replies:
"Nah, I just collect them"
"Oh my!!! Where did THEY come from???"
" I think so"
"Yes, they are" (this one is for the rude one, I say it with a BIG smile on my face!!

"Don't you know what causes that"
"Yes, and we like it"
"No, could you explain it to me?"
"We finally found something hubby is good at!!!"
"Our TV doesn't work"

"Do they all have the same father" this one makes me angry!!
"Yes, we're just trying to figure out who the mother is"

There are others, but I can't think of them right now, these are the most common ones I hear. Sorry I once again snipped the emails, but I hope I answered your questions!!

Well, time to get back to reality and errrr...poopy diapers, which Matthew just did while I was typing that last sentence!!LOL
Have a blessed evening!!