Saturday, February 10, 2007


Just thought I'd pop in here quick....

I was in urgent care for the better half of yesterday evening with tooth pain (which I had originally thought was a sinus infection) turns out that my upper molars on the left side are all abcessed into my sinus cavity (I LOOK sooooo nice!!LOL) so anyways, now I'm on hefty antibiotics and painkillers and then sometime next week I'll be heading over to the dentist (YUCK!!) to see if they can do a root canal or if they'll just pull 'em...yeah!(NOT!!)

The kids are well on the way to feeling better, Mariah is the worst right now and just sounds terrible. When she cries, she reaches decibles I didn't think were possible...her voice is so messed up.

Well, I must make my way back to the couch.....and perhaps I may get a load or two of laundry done today!!

Oh and something fun to share....go over to the right side of my blog-------->
there is a link(vote for my Loveism) to click on that will take you to our Loveism that the kids wrote, if you leave a comment on it we have the chance to win a really neat gift basket!!!(besides, you'll their responses to the questions!!!)So please vote for us!!!!

Have a blessed weekend!!


Ruth said...

Hi there, just found you through Blog Mamas. We are just getting over the sickness here it is just not any fun!! Will be back again to read more!