Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snot, snot and more snot.................

and more snot!!LOL

Just when you think it's just about over...WHAM!! Mariah is clogged right up and she is NOT happy about it. Bill had to take Kayla into the doctors tonight because she spent the afternoon crying because of her ear hurting, she had also developed another fever....so she joins me with antibiotics having an ear infection in both ears. The little monkey would not open her mouth for the doctor to look at her throat, but he said the antibiotics should clear up whatever could be growing in there. I hope so. Then while I was trying to get Matthew settled, Mariah stole the tube of toothpaste and proceeded to squirt bits of it here and there, including all over Kayla's winter jacket and IN her boots. So, then I had to try to get the drops cleaned up from the carpet, which thankfully I was able to just scoop, however, my house house smells distinctly minty. I guess I would rather smell that then any other possible scents.

My mouth still hurts, but not nearly as bad. I have no idea when I will get in to see a dentist thanks to some sort of benefit misunderstanding...grrrrr.

Alex goes for his needle tomorrow, it's his hepatitis shot. I had originally scheduled Matthew with him, but I cancelled that today. He's feeling much better though, but I still don't want to bombard his system with vaccines. So, he goes next month with Kayla. He'll be two months behind, but I'm not worried...I kind of lean towards delayed vaccination anyways. Next week, it's Matthew and Alyssa who go for a checkup with the doctor.

I cannot believe it's already the middle of the month!! Where did the time go??? I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be with regards to school, and I don't know how much Alex will get done tomorrow and as I was tucking Alyssa into bed tonight, I discovered she had a fever....oh boy. I guess this sort of thing happens though, it just frustrates me!!LOL I like everything to go according to MY plan...hehe!!Yeah, I know, I know!!!

Well, I hear somebody rustling and coughing (EWWWWW!!!) better go investigate!!
Have a Happy Valentines Day....*sniff, sniff* I really want some cinnamon hearts!!!LOL (they're my absolute favourite treat!!LOL) I hope the kids are feeling a bit better, I had a surprise plan for them to make each other Valentines cards!!! We'll see...maybe I'll just be making them all heart shaped toast in the morning!!
God bless,