Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Even though it's a write off for me! Kayla was up and down so many times last night, begging for more Motrin, like I should be giving it to her every hour. She just doesn't understand that she can only have the stuff every so often!!LOL Mariah was up and down right along with her. Alyssa has woke up this morning feeling yucky and her head hurts, Alex and Daddy just left for Alex's shot. I'm sure he'll be grumpy when he gets home (Alex that is!!LOl) since he was up until past 1am, he decided that maybe, just maybe he was a little worried about needle at around 12:30am. After saying to me every time I suggested it, " I'm not at all scared about my shot tomorrow". I have a sneaking suspicion that today will be a write off for school too.....grrrrr.......but school doesn't have the same pizazz with a bunch of sick, grumpy kids....can't imagine why?!??!?LOL

So, have a happy valentine's day!!!
God Bless,


Sandra said...

Oh wow, I hate to hear the sickies are still hanging out at your house and that you've got some horrible pain with abcesses! I KNOW how bad that hurts....I'd almost compare that pain to labor...almost. Praying that God will send a wave of healing throughout your home. Oh and on a previous post about folks giving you clothes...I'm with ya on that! I LOVE hand me downs! However, I've found, the older mine get, the less often that happens.