Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Getting there................

Well, we are slowly on the road to feeling better. Matthew is doing great, Mariah is doing much better, Robbie is still a little clogged and so is Alyssa. They are both dealing with the annoying dry hacking cough, so they haven't been sleeping that well. Kayla is doing MUCH better and is on her last day of antibiotics, much to her dismay, she loves her 'banana medicene'!!LOL
Alex is doing pretty good, but has been having trouble with his tics again. It's in his neck and head and really peaks when he is trying to focus on something. He is so good natured about it and says he just has to deal with it! I still don't know exactly what sets it off, whether it's stress or what. I still don't feel comfortable with getting him drugs for it or his ADHD. Only time will tell if we will need to in the future.

No other news to report on, still no word from Bill's work.*sigh* Bill's Mama is doing much better, which is really great news!! She's actually been up walking once a day, so that is fabulous, the Lord is so good!!

I am hoping to get out and get some groceries sometime this week, I was able to squeeze a little bit of $$ out of the budget, but not enough to be able to take a cab to and from or have them delivered, so I'll either be walking or maybe hitch a ride with Shellie if she is going this week.

Not a lot planned for the rest of the week, taking Matthew and Alyssa for their checkup today, so I'll get to see how much my little man weighs!! I'm guessing around 15-16lbs, I'm guessing based on what Robbie weighed when he was 2mos old (which was 16lbs4oz) they seem to be built the same way!!LOL My little chunky monkey!!LOL

The rest of the week we'll be doing catchup with school, I'm hoping to get all caught up before the homeschool visit on March 1st, but we'll see!!

Guess I better get my butt moving, I need to give Mr.Matthew a bath, oh and perhaps do something with my hair!!LOL!!

Have a blessed day!!


Sandra said...

So how did the check ups go? How much does Matthew weigh? I saw the pic you posted the other day of you and Robbie when he was a baby. They do look a lot alike. He must be getting pure heavy cream from you! He's certainly not missing any meals, that's for sure. LOL.