Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Here's the lo down (or should I say 'down lo'?!?!?) on Alyssa and Matthew's checkups.
Matthew is doing great and yes I do believe he is getting straight cream from me!!LOL He weighed in at just under 17lbs!!!(16lbs 15.5ozs) and just under 27in!!!! My Doctor exclaimed when she took off his blanket to examine him "WOW, he's not starved!!" It's so funny because Mariah was soooooo teeny, she didn't weigh 17lbs until she was 1yrs old!!LOL
Alyssa seems to be taking after me weighing in at 44lbs and she measured 4'2, and she is doing really well too.

Boy, I tell you, it's been hard to be chipper these past few days. It's like everything seems to be going wrong everywhere I turn. I couldn't get my abscessed tooth fixed and now about an hour ago the filling junk came out of one of the teeth that anchors my partial bridge in place and now I have a gaping hole there. Then we were supposed to be getting a produce box (we joined a produce co-op and will be getting about 40-45lbs of produce for 20.00) next week and now because the darn warehouse is moving all orders have been put off until NEXT month.
Then of course there is all the other stuff, the semi-sick kids, the job situation with Bill, etc, etc.

Okay, enough pity party. On a good note, the Used Toy and Clothing sale is in April, so that means I will be going through and digging out spring and summer stuff and seeing what the kids will need. I know Matthew will need a lot, since he's outgrown the majority of what I have!!LOL I also am planning on going into it and selling some of my little girls stuff (although no baby stuff!!!LOL) and a few things that I have acquired or have doubles of. I'm on the lookout for an exersaucer for Matthew, he absolutely loves to grab and touch stuff and keep busy. So much so that when he is laying on his back he is trying to lift his head up!!! I keep going back and forth about getting a crib, I have a sneaking feeling that Matthew will outgrow his pack 'n' play long before he's done sleeping in something..ummm...confined?!?!?
I know Mariah will need some stuff, I think I finally cleared out the last item of hers that is 18-24mos (Kerri-remember that purple sparkly outfit with flowers???) now we are full force into size 24mos and up...whoohoo, I think it's about time, especially since she'll be THREE in May!!LOL

Sheesh, that turned into a longer post than I had intended!!LOL
Have a blessed Wednesday tomorrow!!!