Thursday, March 15, 2007

Four Months Old

Matthew 4 months

Wow!! I can't believe how quickly time has gone!! You are such a sweet baby it's no wonder the time seems to be flying by. You are always so happy and content, simply enjoying watching your siblings run around you.

Matthew 4 mos

You love your floor time and get even more enjoyment when you are practically naked and can suck on your toes. Although reaching your toes is getting more difficult for you!!LOL You haven't quite figured out how to roll either way yet, but who needs to when you have five doting siblings at your beck and call??

Matthew 4 mos

You are so lucky to have inherited your Mama's ability to raise just one eyebrow, and you do this at the most perfect times. It's great because it drives your Daddy crazy! Isn't that fun?!?!?

Lost in thought

I think you're a thinker, you watch and absorb everything around you. You pay close attention yo your siblings...perhaps a little to closely!! You also seem to be quite the listener, as you watch me closely while I am explaining how to wash the dishes to you or how to prepare lasagna....I'd imagine that will wear off as soon as you hit about 18-24 mos old!!

Matthew 4 mos

You awake each morning and give the biggest grin as I peer over your bed at you, even though I am still half asleep and most likely have breath that would knock most people out. You are almost sleeping through the night and make your midnight snacks quick, as you appear to love your sleep. Perhaps maybe you could have a chat with your Mariah, apparently she doesn't need sleep and figures it's party time when the sun goes down! I love it when you try to smile at me while I am nursing you and you drool milk, I love it when you say Mama when you are whimpering. I love how your eyelashes are so long and frame your sweet little eyes when you smile. I love how the top of your head smells so beautiful and has a sprinkling of downy soft hair. Your siblings love the fact that no matter what they do, you smile at them. Your brothers love your ability to break wind almost as good as they do and that you can even clear a room at your age. daddy loves that you could very well turn out to be a pretty decent football player or a hockey player.
You are so precious and sweet and brighten my day, you always seem to have a smirk or a grin to fit the mood. You rarely cry, except when you need your bum change or a feeding or if your sister has shoved your pooh bear a little too close to your eyes.
I can see we're heading into a new growth, we'll be experiencing new things over the next few months, first tooth, first baby food, rolling over, sitting up.....whew! Feel free to take your time, because if I've learned anything in the last 10 years of parenting it's that this time goes by so quickly and I am in no hurry!!
I love you so very much my little Matt-man!!

Matthew little feet


Misty said...

He is so cute! Look at those eyelashes.