Monday, March 19, 2007

A 'clean sweep' with 'shots' of laundry

Interesting subject, no?!?!? Well it just sums up the last couple of days around here!!
The weekend was spent doing laundry. I decided I would try something new, and instead of doing a load or two everyday, I would do ALL my laundry over the course of the weekend. I know a couple people who have large families and do this, so I thought what the hey. Okay, so maybe I am just a creature of habit, or just a weirdo, but I was so stressed out over the whole thing!!! Maybe I just separate my laundry too much (I have pinks, reds, blues, whites, lights, jeans, greys, dark blues, blacks, purples, bleach load, diapers, sheets, towels and I think that is it, all in separate loads) So, although the idea of only doing laundry two days a week appealed to me, I think I will have to stick with my original routine.

We also decided that we would do a 'clean sweep' (like the show Clean Sweep in the girls room, so emptied their entire room except for the beds and dressers, then we made three piles and re organized their room! I took pics of the process, so I will post those later. I still need to find somewhere, maybe Freecycle, a shelf. The one I was going to use, will not fit in the space I needed it too. The girls loved this project and had so much fun organizing their toy bins. We washed walls and vacuumed every corner!!What had inspired them was that Auntie Shellie sent over a huge bag of toys, and in it was a big container of lego's!! You should have seen my guy's faces!!!(they absolutely LOVE lego!!) And there was also some Ello and barbie stuff for the girls!!

Over the next few days it will be time to clean out closets and switch out winter stuff with the spring stuff. I will have to take not of who needs what, and get things ready for the Used Toy and Clothing sale!! I know that Matthew needs everything and Mariah and Robbie will need some stuff as well. I'm hoping that Alyssa and Kayla and Alex will be alright.

Today we had to leave the house by 7:45am to get to our appointment for Alex, Kayla and Matthew's vaccinations. We ended up with a super nice nurse, thank you Lord!! Alex needed his second dose of Hep B, Kayla needed her preschool booster and Matthew needed his first set of shots. Everyone got weighed and measured, so here's the stats:
Alex: 68.5 lbs and 55 1/4 in tall
Matthew: 15.6 lbs (I think the drs scale was wonky the last time we had him weighed, I find the public health nurses are much more accurate, which is where we were today) and he is 25 1/4 in long.
Kayla:35 1/4 lbs 40 in tall

They did so good and the nurse was so amazed at how well behaved and patient they were. She was supportive of a large family AND supportive of homeschooling AND supportive of my choice to not vaccinate against the chicken pox and to delay some shots!! Like I said, it was so nice to have an awesome nurse this time around.

Tomorrow, I get to go and get groceries!!!!WOOT!! Mind you, I'm not sure the gas company will be happy, but I'm not overly concerned about that. My mom is coming and taking me. Then, I do believe Wednesday will be girls night out with Kerri!!!, have to wait for confirmation about that though.

Last but not least, I do have to share a wonderful praise report on my mom!!! In the next couple of weeks, she will be celebrating ONE YEAR of SOBRIETY!!!!WOOOOOT!!! I am soooo happy and proud of her, this is a HUGE accomplishment. This is the first time in over 16 years she has been sober longer than 6 mos!! She's keeping strong and I really think she's gonna make it this time, she's been going to counselling and keeping active when stress hits. I'm just so happy for her!!!

OK, now I really need to get some kids off to bed and I do believe Matthew is requesting some snuggle time!! Have a blessed day!!