Thursday, March 22, 2007

Um, where'd the week go??

I can't believe it's already Thursday today!! What a busy last couple of days!! I went grocery shopping with my Mom on Tuesday, it took us forever!!LOL Matthew did not like being in his carseat. My mom was going to buy me a carrier that you can use forward facing (his favourite position to held) but there was no way we could do it up around him, even when we un did it to it's farthest point! The weight was good for up to 26lbs!!LOL I'm not sure what type of 26lb baby they thought would be in there, but definitely not my guy!!LOL At least we got through it though!!LOL

Then last night I went out with Kerri and we had such a good time, although Matthew was not happy about the carseat thing again!!LOL This time though, I put blankets and my jacket in the small upper part of the cart (Superstore has weird carts) and he was much happier laying down and being able to kick. Kerri brought pics from their trip to Disneyland in Feb...what awesome pics!!! The weather cooperated for them and they had a great time.

Today, I have to say I am happy to be staying at home!!!LOL I had what felt like a ton of housework to get caught up on and the kids are in very foul moods. So, it will be early to bed tonight for them!

This weekend will be spent cleaning out closets and sorting through everything, thank goodness for Rubbermaid containers and of course for my dear friends who hand me down things to use!!(I love you!!!) you have no idea how very much I appreciate it!!! Alyssa is totally pumped about bringing out the spring and summer stuff...Kayla is still trying to figure out how it can be spring when it still has been snowing off and on!!!LOL I was going to start some spring cleaning this weekend too, but a peek at the weather channel told me that the first week of April has snow in the in this city predicting the weather 2 weeks ahead can mean nothing, I mean even day to day is dangerous!!LOL Just the last couple of days we've woken up to blowing snow, then turned to rain by lunch and sunny and pleasant by dinner!!!ROFL!!Go figure!!! So, I think I'll hold off until near the end of April, so I can clean the window sills really good and hang the comforters outside to dry.

Have a blessed Thursday!!!