Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friday 5

Since I've been MIA on these the last two weeks, here's one good and early!!

How’s your car running?
So far so good, I better not have jinxed ourselves though!!!
How’s your blood pressure?
Great!!!, always on the low side!
How’s work (or school)?
Well, I don't 'work' and I'm not in school, so I'll go with: Homeschooling is going GREAT!!
How’s 2007 so far?
Not too bad, could be worse, but could be better!
How’s your hair?
Umm, in need of a thinning, but at least it has a fresh color in it now, thanks to a box of Garnier #100 and a wicked coupon for it!


she said...

Don't you just hate it when you say everything is going great and then the floor falls out from under you? I think a lot of us will be knocking wood and hoping our cars last after this week's Friday 5 ;)

Sandra said...

Hello, Penny! I'm checking in on ya, it's been a couple weeks, I think. I barely have much pc time these days. Wow! I can't believe Matthew is already four months old! You are sure right about time just flying by! They grow so fast. Enjoy every moment you can. Spring cleaning...uggh...been doing a little of that, too. Still have much more to do. :(
I hope your weekend is awesome!
Many Blessings to ya!