Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Time of it....

Everytime I have sat down to type an email or even check out my fellow bloggers in blogland, some crisis has taken place in this house. Some urgent necessity requiring my attention RIGHT NOW. Some fight over a simple thing, some toy mysteriously disappearing and needing my help to locate it's whereabouts immediately. Some child unable to cope for just a millisecond, without my undue attention. A certain baby needing to be fed, even though I had made sure he had a full tummy before I sat down. Some certain husband who absolutely, positively, urgently needed the use of the computer. Things have fallen completely apart in the spilt second that I have have typed in www., children scream, things crash, the TV mysteriously has a mind of it's own and begins switching channels and turning it's volume up in a direct attempt to frighten the littlest of littles. Suddenly from out of nowhere, the fridge is opened and litres of apple juice spring from it's carton and milk is dumped, cereal is crunched into fine crumbs resembling dust into the carpet.

This is the very reason I have given up ever talking on the phone to anyone who needs an engaging conversation or at the very least would like to hear more out of my mouth bedsides, "PUT THAT DOWN!", "LEAVE YOUR SISTER ALONE!", "Please wait until I'm done" "No you may not jump on the furniture" "No you may not have a snack simply because I'm on the phone" lest it be known that you cannot hear my glares at the children, you know the ones I'm talking about....the eyebrows raised, you're trying to look as serious as possible whilst waving a hand at them while they giggle and scurry around you. It's even worse if you try to hide in a closet or a nearby room, they then begin to kick and bang on the door (the little ones at least) how dare mother want to have a conversation, and to the person on the other end, you sound as though you have locked your CHILDREN in a room and not yourself. So, if you never receive a phone call from me again or if I never answer the phone again, try again in, oh I dunno, 20 years!!! Seriously, I have thought about throwing the phone out the window or at the very least shutting the ringer off.

Better yet though, while I' on the topic of being on the phone....how about those voice automated things, you know, the ones that want you to SAY your 15 digit account number....ugh...you people make me CRAZY!!! "We're sorry, the numbers you gave us are not in our system, please try again" BLAAAAAHHHHHHH Then, they will tell you "please say HELP for help regarding your account" I say help, but for some reason your flipping automated service friendly piece of dung hears that I would like service in SPANISH or MANDARIN!!! I'm sorry but I don't speak either of those languages, so then I am trapped in your system!!! I yell for help and may or may not have said some expletives and still your cheesy automated voice is rambling on in the foreign language. So, I will hang up and decide to send you every piece of junkmail I have....have a nice day and thankyou for calling!HA!
PS, I also posted a new entry in my food/homekeeping blog, the link is at the right...Yummies for tummies

well, now that I have vented, have a blessed day!! :o)


Misty said...

LOL! I have those days too. I never talk on the phone and all my friends think I am just mean. The fact is, I don't want to fight the children.

Elle said...

LOL I don't want to be one of those moms that spends more time giving her kids heck on the phone than talking to her friend. Honestly I don't have many conversations these days. My last one consisted of my cutting off my friend because my kid was about to puke on me