Thursday, March 29, 2007

Friday 5

Goodness, I cannot believe it is already time for this again!! My hubby called a little while ago to let me know that he did in fact get me a table for the Used Toy and Clothing sale!!WHOOHOO!! Particularly, the one I wanted!! I can't believe it's time for this again either...I'm beginning to think I may live under a rock...ah well, not too worried about it. This weekend will be spent in a closet or two or three.....time to pull everything out and put it all back in again. The kids love doing this, and actually, I don't mind either. I actually LOVE spring cleaning.*ducking* Anyways, here's my Friday 5!!
What specific advice would you give to someone moving into your neighborhood?
Well, here in my cul-de-sac, it would be don't expect anyone to shovel your sidewalk and mow your lawn or weird man next door will phone people on you if your grass is over the 'allowed' height!!LOL
What specific advice would you give to someone beginning a job at your workplace (or attending school where you study, or, if you’re neither a student nor employed, doing whatever it is you do with your days)?
LOL!! Lot's of coffee and watch where you sit, and don't question what may be stuck to the bottom of your foot. Most importantly, watch and enjoy because the rewards with THIS job are unsurpassed!!!
What specific advice would you give to someone who wants to begin an online journal or blog?
keep it real and share what you want, you'll attract the best audience by being true to yourself...and don't listen to critics!!
What specific advice would you give to someone who wants to take up a hobby you’re really into?
hmmm, a hobby you say?!?!?!see above, my hobby is my job and my online blog!!LOL
What specific advice would you give to someone who wants to marry your closest, unmarried friend?
hmmmm, an unmarried friend??? I don't think I have any...unmarried that is!!ROFL
I guess it would have to be my sister..........Oy, what do I say about that?!?!?!LOL!!!She's my sister.......!!!LOL

(oh Kerri and Shellie, I see you both shaking your heads!!!LOL!!!)
Well, we're down to the last few days before Spring break, we'll be wrapping things up next Thursday and then a week off.......ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
Then I can focus on my room by room cleaning and getting things Freecycled and OUT!!
I also have some sewing projects I want to get at as does Alyssa. I also think after the clothing sale, I'll be moving Matthew into his own room (WHHAAAAAAAAA!!!!) but I think it's time, he basically sleeps through the night and I think he could do with the peace and quiet. Mariah is sleeping better the last couple of nights, but she can sometimes be up and down every hour through the night (I heard that Kerri!!!) and when she come into our room at night....let's just say, she does not whisper!!LOL
I tried him with a bit of rice pablum last night and the other night, he LOVED it, he devoured it without a face or any mess!!LOL!! I never push this phase, he is still pretty content with the breastmilk, and obviously it is meeting his nutritional needs!!LOL

Well, I'm going to try and get some pics uploaded, check out the Flickr!! I will also upload all our Clean sweep pics too!!

Have a wonderfully blessed Friday!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for the laughs! :P When you're done spring cleaning your house, come on over to mine! You could have a great time cleaning out closets here! I'll even spring for Starbucks!!

Sandra said...

Yeah, really, come help me too!LOL. Although, I think I'm much to far for ya to just come help me clean out my closets..haha. But, you could come visit anyway. I loved your Tuesday blog. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that happens to. It never fails when the phone rings (that's the only time I talk to anyone is when THEY call me...I don't even attempt to call anyone) or when I try to get on the computer, there's always a crisis of some sort. If I'm on the phone, Alex decides that he just HAS to talk to whoever it is on the other end and won't stop until he finally gets to talk to them. I'm sure the dentist's receptionist enjoyed her conversation with him this Same way with the computer. If I sit down, he decides that he just has to be held and doesn't want me to type. Atleast my older girls have grown out of that stage and I only have one little one. I can only imagine having a few little ones. Yep, I'd probably consider taking the phone out, too...LOL.
Hope you have a great weekend.