Friday, March 30, 2007

One of Those Days

However, this is on the good side!! It was one of those days that you really feel good about afterwards. We got all our school work done nice and early today (not too much out of norm) then we did some tidying and I got a bag of clothes that I don't wear off to Freecycle. Alex went outside this afternoon and did some yardwork clean-up. We have decided that we are going to change our normal Saturday movie/pizza night to Friday. I do most of my big cleaning on Saturdays and although it was nice to sit and relax afterwards, the kids always seemed to be so pooped, they were either falling asleep with the movie or being grumpy. Now that we have it on Fridays, it seems to go much better. Tonight we had yummy pizza and fresh veggies (LOVE my produce box I got!!!) and some fries and of course dip. I made the kids 'fizzy juice' with sparking water and Orange juice. We ordered Open Season as a special treat (this is only usually a once a month thing, but it's worth it) not a bad movie. After we watched our movie and ate, we cleaned up and then moved onto dessert. Yummy cut up fruit and of course more 'fizzy juice'!!!LOL Then we played some games, a new version of Charades that the kids made up and then a few rounds of the traditional version. Then everyone finished getting into jammies and brushing teeth and we sat and read some funny poetry. It was just an all around nice day. Alyssa helped the littles get teeth brushed and jammies(while daddy helped supervise the teeth brushing...Mariah loves to squirt it all over the place!!LOL), while Alex and Robbie washed dishes and organized the rest of the dishes for me to do (I get to do the gunky ones!!LOL) while I fed Matthew and got him settled into bed

Tomorrow is the big clean out day, Alyssa is so pumped about it. She got her shelves all cleaned today and got the bins out of storage, made sure the washer and dryer were all ready....LOL!!! She makes me giggle!!LOL I can just see things in the morning, I am sure I will greet an already dressed and fed 8yo girls in the morning, rearing to go!!!LOL

If I could come and do all your cleaning and organizing I would..guys!!!!Yum, that Starbucks caramel mocha-mucka whipped thingamajig is a really tempting ploy, Kerri!!!
I'll send Alyssa over!!LOL She's my right hand gal, menu planning, organizing, cleaning, sewing....goodness! I'll be out of a job soon!!!LOL

Have a blessed weekend and I am sure I will have pics to post from tomorrow...they all love to do the before and after pics on these types of jobs!!