Saturday, March 31, 2007

You Must've Been a Beautiful Baby

Well, I survived today!!LOL Actually I was up before Alyssa this morning, I had to give her a hard time about that!LOL We got things done though, now I have a bazillion loads of laundry to do!! They had fun trying on clothes and seeing what fit and what was ready to pass down. There are pics in the Flickr!
It was a productive day, although not so much in my usual Saturday cleaning, but that's OK, it will all be there later. Alyssa made a yummy fruit salad for everyone tonight for dessert, and then we made some banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow..YUM!!
Then we spent the evening digging through some old pics, some I had from before and some I uploaded tonight, too cute! so, here for your viewing pleasure is some pics of the kiddo's as babies and a couple of my sister tossed in for fun. When my mom brings my baby book next time, I will snap a couple of mine.
Have a blessed Palm Sunday tomorrow!
Auntie Kandie approx 18mos
~My sister at about 18mos old~

Auntie Kandie 4mos
~My sister at about 4mos~

~Alex at about 2.5mos~

alyssa approx 3mos
~Alyssa about 3mos old~

Robbie 4mos
~Robbie 4mos old~

Kayla 11mos
~Kayla 11mos old~

Mariah 6mos old
~Mariah 6mos old~

a cutie-patootie
~Matthew 4.5mos old~

Alex, Alyssa, Robbie and Kayla in the fall of 2003
~Alex, Alyssa, Robbie, and Kayla Fall 2003~


Elle said...

Great pictures!