Saturday, March 3, 2007

Going on Hiatus...

Not for long, but most likely a few days. My abscessed tooth is back and I'm in a whole lot of pain. I can't get into the dentist until Monday and I have a feeling they'll want to pull it, so I will most likely be out of commission for a few days.
Please pray that I don't run into trouble between now and Monday with this infection, I know it's pretty serious because I am very swollen up to my eye socket and the side of my nose. Can I also ask for prayer that Matthew will do OK with my sister while I'm at the dentist. He's only been without me twice and both times he has not taken the bottle at all for her and was quite upset. I got a new bottle to try (an Avent one), so I'm hoping it will work.

So, to keep you entertained while I'm gone, here's something fun. I did this when I was updating my first aid and it was a lot of fun, kind of like 'getting to know me' but with a twist! Here's the deal I will give you a sentence about me and TWO will be false and only ONE will be true, you have to guess which one is true!!! Leave me your answers in my comments or just think about them in your head. I will post the correct answers when I get back. Have fun!!
1.a)I have decided to stop using my dishwasher and now do my dishes by hand.
b)I cannot live without my dishwasher, it saves my butt!!
c)I use paper plates because my dishwasher cannot hold all the dishes we use.

2.a)I used to have a partial shaved head, belly and nose rings.
b)I have a tattoo of a peace symbol on my ankle.
c)I paint my toenails black for something fun to do.

3.a)I met Bill when I was 14 through high school friend.
b)I met Bill when I was 14 because I babysat for his sister.
c)I met Bill when I was 15 at a foot ball game he was in.

4.a)I moved in with Bill when I was 16 and worked full time.
b)I moved in with Bill when I was 17 and went back to school for awhile.
c)I moved in with Bill when I was 18 and worked full time.

5.a)My sister is my only sister.
b)I have an older half sister.
c)I have an older half brother.

6.a)My Mom is practicing Buddhism and my sister is Atheist.
b)my Mom and sister are both Christian.
c)My Mom and sister are both Buddhists.

7.a)I have never been in a car accident before.
b)I was in a near fatal car accident where wearing a seat belt saved my life.
c)I was in a near fatal car accident wear not wearing a seat belt saved my life.

8.a)I have never had plastic surgery before.
b)I have had a nose job.
c)I have had an eye lift.

9.a)I never completed high school.
b)I never went to high school.
c)I was short graduating by 3 credits.

10.a)When I was 14 I wore flare legged pants and peasant tops for awhile.
b)When I was 14 I wore my jeans pinned at the ankle and big sweatshirts for awhile
c)When I was 14 I wore long johns and boxer shorts and flannel shirts for awhile.

So, do you think you know the answers???
Take a guess!!
If you do this on your blog, leave me a link or an email and I'll give it a try.
Keep me in your prayers and have a blessed next few days!!


Cakes said...

oh man! I hope you're feeling better today!

ok here goes!

1.) c
2.) c
3.) b
4.) b
5.) b
6.) a
7.) c
8.) a
9.) c
10.) c

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with the tooth and you are feeling better!

Tamara (AK)

Sandra said...

I'll try it.


I hope you have gotten some relief from the abcessed tooth. I know with the dentists here, they won't pull an abcessed tooth until the infection is gone. They usually will put you on a two week round of kick butt antibiotics and pain killers (that usually don't work...or are so strong that you can't take them.)

Either way, I pray that you're having a pain free day!
Blessings and Hugs