Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm Baaaaaack!!

What an ordeal! So I went to see the dentist on Monday to learn that I had a severely infected tooth.(which I already knew!!LOL) So bad that she figured that since the infection surpassed what she could see on the xray, that it was up past my sinus cavity and moving up towards my brain. Nice huh?!?! So she recommended an emergency extraction for the following day and I was put on antibiotics and pain meds. I had to go back on Tuesday and have it pulled. Because the infection was so severe, the flippin' freezing wouldn't take and I realized this as she started to pull...OUCH! She kept trying to add more and it would be good for a second or two and then I would feel it again. She then decided to just do a block, praise the Lord that worked! Then it turned out that my molar was overly huge and just wasn't coming as easily as we hoped, so she had to file and remove some bone. Finally it came out. She stitched me up and sent me home! I'm feeling much better now, still in a bit of pain and still a bit swollen. It's a good thing I didn't leave it any longer otherwise I would've been in serious trouble, most likely a trip to the hospital for IV antibiotics.

The kids thought it was hilarious when I came home and was all frozen, and drooling my water!!LOL

So now I will spend the weekend catching up on laundry, yet again!!

Here is, as promised the answers from my last post!!
Yup, I'm washing all our dishes by hand. With help from the kids of course! I learned that our dishwasher was a part of a recall and it had to stop being used. I discovered that washing dishes with the kids is fun and gives me an opportunity to 'visit' with them. It also gives them an opportunity to work with each other.

Haha!! Yes, once upon a time my head was shaved all along the sides and underneath and I had pierced my own belly button and nose, long before they were as popular as they are now!! I ditched the belly ring and nose ring before I met Bill, but my head was still shaved when we met.

I began babysitting for his sister the summer I was 14 and met Bill for the first time shortly after that. We remained friends until the following summer when we began dating.

Bill and I were engaged three months after we began dating and I was living with him shortly after. A few months later, I began work full time at a daycare.

I don't really associate with her, but I do have an older half sister, she is 7 years older than me. She was from a relationship my father had before he married my mom. I have not spoken with her since 1995.

My mom is buddhist and my sister is atheist, what a combonation!?!?! I pray that they will come to the Lord as Christian, but for now, we just don't discuss religion. Although, I will not hesitate to tell them that I am praying for them!!

Believe it or not, I was in a very serious car accident in Sept.04. I was with Bill although both of us were sitting in the backseat and neither of us was wearing our seatbelts.(which was odd for me, because I always wear my seatbelt) we were rear ended and we spun quite a few times. There are two things that saved my life, one was the way we were sitting, Bill somehow held me in with his body and two from not wearing my seatbelt I avoided having a huge piece of metal being launched into my head and having my back broken because of the damage to the seats. However, I did smash my face into the back of Bill's head which resulted in a whole lot of bones being broken and the loss of my four front teeth.(I should post a picture of the car one day!!)

Yup, it's true!! I had a nose job!! Although it was a direct result of the above accident. The plastic surgen who was reconstructing my face asked if I wanted a particular nose, I thought an awful lot about it, but then decided to go with my own...just having the tip turned down slightly!!

Nope, never completed high school. The car accident happened the day before school was about to start and then I wasn't supposed to return to school for the first semester until I had healed. Well......during that time I got engaged to Bill and moved in with him and then began working...decided to put highschool on hold. I still haven't got my diploma, but I made a promise to my dad that I would and I will.
I may even join Alex in homeschooling highschool when he starts!!

I was dubbed quite a weirdo in Junior high, I wore the strangest things. This was one of my favourite outfits though. I wore my dads long underwear (or colorful tights) and colorful boxer shorts. Then I would where a homemade decorated t-shirt and a big flannel shirt over top. I was also known for wearing colorful toe socks. I also had 6 piercings in on ear and would put a different colored earring in each and finish it off with a different colored painted fingernail. I always made people smile!! I could never afford the Guess clothing that was so popular, so I made a lot of my own clothes and they were loud and bright!!hehe

So, there you have it!! Anyone shocked about anything?? I have changed a lot of things on the outside, but I am still the bubbly quirky person on the inside. I don't shave my head, nor do I even wear earrings any more and I certainly giggle when I think back to those times!!LOL

Well, time to take my meds and snuggle with my baby. Have a blessed weekend!!!


Sandra said...

Oh my! I don't think I had many, if any, of those answers correct...haha! So happy to hear you have some relief from that stubborn tooth. Is Matthew still able to nurse while your on the pain meds and antibiotic?

Hope you have a great weekend. I'll be spending tomorrow doing much of what you will be doing...laundry, laundry, and more laundry! I got behind this week, too. I did good up until Wednesday (my dark colors day) then I had to work Thursday and today, so...yesterday, towels got washed and dryed (still not folded), reds (and the like colors) were washed...and are still in the washer, and today was suppose to be "other" colors that don't fit into any other color category of the week, but nothing got washed today. I've set the washer to a quick rinse cycle with fab.softner since they've been in there over 24 hours, to freshen them up a little, then toss into the dryer before I go to bed. Then get up in the morning and get started with today's and tomorrow's laundry. I usually do my mom's laundry on the weekends as well, but thankfully, she didn't have many this week and said for me to just wait til next week. All that wouldn't be so bad if I had a dryer that would dry clothes in a normal amount of time. Medium size load of towels takes 2 hours to dry and a medium load of clothes takes 70 minutes, jeans more like an hour and a half. Makes for a super long day of But I just thank God that the dryer is still working at all! That thing is 13 years old! I'll keep it til it dies, all the while praying for God to bless us with one of those super duper king capacity front loading washer and dryer, the 4.5 cubic ft. washer would be heaven, but I'd be happy with a 3.8...very happy! I bet you know exactly what I'm talking about. LOL. I sit and look at the Sears appliance catalog dreaming of that washer and dryer like a kid looking through a Christmas toy catalog...haha!
Blessings and Hugs!

Anne said...

Yuck! I'm so glad your tooth was taken out in time. Whew-I hate dental work.

Elle said...

Good to meet you! I'm new to this blog ring!! My name is Elle, and I have fraternal twin girls and another daughter.