Thursday, April 19, 2007

News to share, a sweet little 'didy', and other nonsense!

Hey there ya'll! Anyone miss me?!!??LOL WHEW! I have been so busy it's crazy. Don't mind me if I put this all in point form as I really should be tucking the rest of my peanuts into bed!LOL
First, what's this with big news to share?? I'll give you a hint...some time in November of this year........bellies.........newborns.......give up?? I didn't think so!!LOL Yup, there will be a new bundle of love in the family!!WOOT!! But, it's not mine!! teeheee!! *ducking from the things you may be throwing at me* I couldn't resist!! Auntie Kandie has a baby on the way!!!Whoohoo!!! Nah, I'm not excited at all!!LOL

The sale went fabulous! I didn't have a sell out, but that is ok. I managed to get Mr. matt-man a crib and a change table (yeah, I decided to go with a crib) I also got him some super cute UK clothes and a Jumperoo. I also got some other things for the girls and boys. I also met a fab chickie who had her little peanut in a wrap. Now why am I so very excited about this? Well, since I've been 'babywearing' for over 10yrs using a vintage Snugli and my good 'ol MEC backpack and have only heard of mama's raving about their wraps, I was super happy(you could say totally giddy!!) to get to actually SEE one IRL!! Oh my, I am in love. The last couple of days I have indulged myself in the world of Didy's and Mei tais and Ellaroo's and WOW! It's like a babywearers paradise!!LOL I am so very excited to say that my very own floppy, Lars is on his way early next week to be loved and used by Matthew and I. I am sooooo excited!!
It'll take some practice to learn all the wrap techniques, but I'm sure it won't take too long.

Went grocery shopping again this week with my mom. I had also bought a forward/backward Snugli at the sale and Matthew was much happier in that while I shopped. Took Kayla and Matthew for the 2nd dose of the vaccinations tonight and my little man has gained 1lb and 1in since last month. In the works for next week, I have to go and get my end of the year school supply stock up in order to get my reimbursement from the homeschool school (um, that sounded kinda weird) hey, do ya wanna go Kerri, just popped into my brain!!LOL Maybe I can brainwash you into joining me on the homeschool know you wanna!!! ;o)

Okay, sounds as though everyone is done brushing their teeth!!
Sorry for the super quick post!!
God bless!!


Elle said...

Congrats on your new bundle to be!