Friday, April 27, 2007

Seeing Double???

Hmmmmmm, now what on earth could that title mean???
Weeeeellllllll, when my sister went in to the hospital on Monday morning due to some spotting, they're pretty confident they saw not just one little blessing, but TWO!!!
Her spotting has stopped and she feels good, despite a Beta HCG of 14310 on monday!!LOL They figure her little beans are around 6-7wks, but we'll know more after her second ultrasound on Friday (the 4th). Your prayers would be much appreciated for God's will to be done.

Still crazily busy, but I suppose that's to be expected!! I went out with Kerri on Wednesday and we went to Zellers (which I must say has me much more pleased than Walmart, I may have to break-up with Walmart!!ROFL) I got all my school supplies and then we headed off to Chapters to immerse ourselves in capuccino's and books....what more could you ask for?!?!? I am going back within the next couple of days because I discovered that my children absolutely love LeapFrog!! I bought one for them and it has been in constant use!! As well as some more books, and a couple of math sets. wanno go again next wednesday, Kerri???LOL I'm sure you wanna another Caramel Macchiato!!!!*giggle*

OH OH OH!!! *calming down* My Lars hasn't arrived yet, should be sometime around the middle to late next week...BUT!!!!! I am in the process of getting my All Camo Mei Tai carrier that I have been lusting over since I discoverd the Mei tais!! I will be posting a link to her website as she is a fellow Christian Mama who lives in Canada and also makes slings. I'm all for supporting Christian Mama's who make worthy products for other Mama's!! Her site is called Coastal Slings, check it out!!

well, time to get back to crazyiness!!Oh, and here's my Friday Five!!
What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Hiking and walking in the mountains
Are you outdoors not often enough, too often, or just often enough?
not enough for sure, nice weather are ya gonna stay???
When was the last time you slept in a tent?
about 11yrs ago...much too long!!!
Where is your favorite beach?
used to be Bandon Beach in Brandon Oregon, but now it's my lake!!
In what social, academic, or professional group are you on the outer fringes of? In what social, academic, or professional group are you right in the middle of?

have a blessed weekend!!


Sandra said...

Oh my goodness, twins! How amazing! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies.