Thursday, May 17, 2007

6 Months Old

Matthew's Favorite Chew toy

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe you are 6 mos old!! That's half a year!
You are still such a joy,always so happy and peaceful. This is your favourite chew toy and you get so excited when you see it coming, barely able to contain yourself as your fingers clasp around it. You will chew on it and drool all over and yell and talk wildly while it's in your grip. When you get really going with the chewing, your gums squeak as you chew on it.

Sucking his Fingers

You also love to suck and chew on your fingers, especially these three. When you suck on them you make this loud suckling noise!! When you're sucking on these as opposed to your thumb (which means you are tired and ready for bed) you are generally in a happy talkative mood. Which you are most of the time anyways!!

Funny Face

One of your many 'funny faces'. When you do this one, you make a blowing out sound and hum at the same get really loud sometimes, but I guess you have to be when there are 5 others above you making noise too.

Almost sitting up.........

You are starting to be able to sit up, although you still resemble a weeble wobble and have done a couple of small little face plants. Mama has to give your a shirt a tug every once in awhile to help ease your staggered-ness. You also have mastered rolling in both directions, although you do still get 'stuck' on your tummy and will call for help. If only that arm would listen to you!!!

My happy boy!

This is one of my most treasured pics of you. This one captured exactly who you are. This is how you greet me in the morning. It's how you look at your brothers and sisters when they do goofy things. You are such a loving little guy and full of joy. I can't believe how quickly time goes, before I know it you will be in motion. As of right now, you have no mobility plans. We've just embarked on solids in the form of pablum and some fruits. So far your favourites are applesauce, pears, squash, and banana's. Oh and the macaroni noodle your sister fed you the other day! You really love to eat, you get so excited when I either bring you to the boob or you see me mixing up your oatmeal in your Baby Einstein bowl. You can drink breastmilk from a cup, no problem and even enjoyed a little bit of sterilized water the other day. You do not like things cold to eat, we learned that when Mama mistakenly made the water a little too cool for you!! You have also started serious teething, and you also have discovered that biting Mama is fun! Oh how she yelps and frets....teehee you think to yourself I am sure. You give a smirk that I believe tells me to just wait until your razor sharp teeth are in. But alas, you don't scare me, there have been five other nurslings before you, and the nips have survived. I also love how you get so happy when I sing my little 'mama-made' song to you, it's your special song and you know it. It elicits HUGE grins everytime...perhaps it may even do so when you're 16!!(hehehe)

You are such a gift, hence your name, and I am so very thankful the Lord chose me to your Mama. I thank the Lord every day for blessing me as He has with you and your precious siblings.(even if some days I fear I may go grey in the blink of an post below)
Happy 6 month birthday!!!!