Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday 5 and Being Bitten by Grumpy Bugs

~*FrIdAy FiVe*~
At this moment, how many rolls of toilet paper are there in your house?
3 packages of the double rolls, 12 pack

At this moment, how many working flashlights are there in your house?
hmm, thats a good question. We have one lantern style that is LED and is really bright and I think one smaller one.

Do you know where some candles and matches are?
Yup, I always keep a box of tealights/votives in a box with a waterproof container and waterproof matches.(waterproof matches are REALLY easy to make, great homeschool project!!)

If the power were to go out right now, how long could you probably get by on the food in your house?
So so, not much longer than a day or maybe two. Only because of the size of our family. I REALLY should be properly stocked for each family member with regards to water, powdered/canned milk. Got tons of canned veggies/fruit though!!

It’s someone’s birthday, and you’ve GOT to come up with something to give him or her RIGHT NOW! What have you got?
I have a basket in my master bathroom loaded with bathstuff and samples and some candles. I would grab one of my baskets (I keep 'em all!!) add some pretty paper and then add some bathstuff and wrap up a couple of candles in saranwrap and tie a pretty bow!! Although if your a guy, you're outta luck...sorry!!LOL I also no longer have any toys in stock for that purpose either...hmmmmm good reminder!!

That was a good reminder!! I remember when there was a fear of Y2K, I wasn't taking any chances. I stocked up for 5mos..LOL!! The way I look at it is it will all get used eventually and if I'm not going to use something in a timely manner, I will donate it.

Well, I've made a decision. I'm to put Lars up for adoption. I'm sad because even though I've only had him a few weeks and I really love him, I need to keep the cycle going. He is so soft and floppy, but not really what I will use for the summer. At least I know that the Mama will love him as he deserves. He's just finishing drying from his natural bath in my bathroom.(the only place I could hang him since he's so long!!LOL) Then I will give him one last snuggle and love and then pack him up....unless I get cold feet while snuggling him!!!LOL

Well today the kids are still in foul moods. the grumpy bugs seem to have made a home in everybody. Alex and Mariah have been at each other, Robbie has been sassy with me, Alyssa is having problems with Kayla. Kayla and Mariah have been having a screaming match with each other. This has been non-stop since 6:20am when Mariah came screaming into my room about her shirt. Oh how I love to be woken up like that!!....NOT!!!! And so it continues as the day goes on. Perhaps it's the weather, or maybe they're fighting off something, maybe it's because it's almost the end of the school many possibilities!!

Things on my to do list, phone and order Mariah's cake, do some laundry and clean my kitchen. I don't how on earth it got so out of hand in there, but my oh my!! The basement is in dire need of attention too. Ah, yes I'm sure issuing cleaning orders will go over very well around here today!!

Have a blessed Friday!!