Tuesday, May 22, 2007

HaPpY bIrThDaY MaRiAh!!!

My baby girl turned 3 today!! My goodness has time flown by! She is probably my most spirited girl out of the three. She is always into something and doing something. It's hard to believe that three years ago I brought home my tinest baby at just 6lbs 9ozs. I remember she kept me up for almost three straight nights after I brought her home, wanting to nurse constantly. She was also my most difficult baby to nurse. By the end of her first week, I was cracked and bleeding. But, we persevered against what the nurses suggested. They suggested we give her a bottle of formula so as I could heal, but I couldn't do it. We worked non stop that weekend at different positions and getting a good latch and the rest was history. She was also my longest nursed baby as well!!LOL She is still a teeny little thing!! The nurses always suggested we supplement due to her size, but I trusted my Mama intuition and always knew she was getting enough, she was just meant to be a little petite girl.
We had a birthday party for her on Sunday. Both my mom and my grandma were able to come. It was so nice to see my grandma and how well she is doing. There will be a ton of pics in the flickr as soon as I am done here.

Today we had a vaccination appointment for Matthew. I wore my breastfeeding advocacy shirt, which the nurses loved!! Matthew did really well and weighed in at just under 18lbs and was just under 27in long...big boy!!! The nurse asked what kind of milk I make!!!LOL

I've been busy on the babywearers site...Lars will be on his way to his new home tomorrow! I wasn't going to put my babyhawk up for sale, but then I decided to. It just doesn't fit proper on my shoulders when I carry Matthew on my back. Hopefully that will sell and I can try out a different MeiTai. I think I've narrowed down my wish list. There are MeiTais that have straps like a wrap and I'm thinking that will be easier for me. I'm just so picky with designs though, so it could take awhile for me to find the 'perfect' one. If Matthew was a girl, it would be a cinch!!LOL So many pretty pink ones. I'm hoping to come across another camo one, and maybe one with some nice geometric shapes. The other wraps I'm lusting after is a Girasol wrap or another Didy, just a different type....I really love the old Tobias. We shall see what I can find!!!

We're down to the last few weeks of school! I can't believe how quickly this year went by. The kids are getting antsy, it always happens this time of year!!

Have a blessed day!!