Friday, May 25, 2007

~Friday 5~

A little late, really late for my eastern friends, since it is past midnight there!!LOL~

What was the last item you returned to a store?
Alex's shoes that I had got him. He needed a bigger size!!LOL

What do you currently have in your possession that you need to return to its owner?
Amy's BaraBarn wrap!!

What’s something you lent to someone that you’d really like back now?
the few maternity shirts that my sister has!!!

Where’s a place you hope never to see again?
the bathroom on the highway coming back from Kelowna. Kids, diarrhea, need I say more?!?!LOL

What’s your explanation for those wild stories about dogs and cats who get separated from their owners for years and finally make their way home, even at times finding their owners when the families have moved a long way away?
Animals have a distinct and unique love for their human friends. I believe that because of this and because they have such a strong sense of smell, they're able to locate their lost human families!! Kind of like how a Mama can pick out her own baby just by scent!

Have a blessed Friday!!(or Saturday!!LOL)