Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday 5!!!

Well, happy Friday!!! Here's my Five!!

We’re buying you a lifetime subscription to any magazine or periodical journal you want! What’ll it be?
A:There is so many, I guess one that is pro-AP, and doesn't only pretend to be while being funded or sponsored by a formula company. Maybe Mothering or New Beginnings would be good. I love my Above Rubies mag, so maybe a nice good donation to them would be great!!

We’re buying you any existing non-chain, one-location-only store and giving you an expert lifetime manager, so that all you have to do is make decisions and watch them succeed or fail! What will be the store, and what will be your first change?
A: Hmmm, I don't know many non-chain stores..I guess maybe Bareware *sorry Amy!!!* and I would revamp it back to the old days when she sold TONS of diapers and healthy all natural products. It was one of my favorite places to buy diapers/inserts, wipes, bfding supplies etc. She is still open but doesn't have as much as she used too(although she might in her actual store, which is located in BC).(but she does have gently used cloth diapers for sale and a ton of info on her site!!)

We’re buying you any house within a one-mile radius of your own! Which one do you want, and why?
A: One that is on the lake(just down my street!!). Oh how I would love to sit on my porch and look at the sun setting over the water, sipping my nice cup of tea, chatting with my hubby!!

We’re hiring someone to take care of any ONE specific household chore (except cooking) for the rest of your life! Which chore will he or she attend to?
A: Hmmm, I love all my household chores and I would NEVER let anyone take over the laundry (I'm slightly anal about my laundry!!LOL) I guess taking the garbage out and cleaning the yards up regularly would be the one

We’re providing the start-up capital for any crazy idea for a business, service, or product you can dream up, giving you total creative control while we finance your dream for five years, after which it must fail or succeed on its own merit! What will it be?
A: Being that this is the internet, I'm not going to post what my true idea is, because one day I will make it happen. However, I would LOVE to open a shop that has everything Mama minded in it, maternity/nursing, wraps and other carriers, bfding supplies and advocacy stuff promoting Attachment Parenting. All kinds of yummy cloth diapers and stuff to wash them in. Organic and hemp baby clothes. I guess it would be sort of along the lines as This store, they used to have a store at one of our malls about 8 years ago and then they disappeared. Mine would also have LLL ladies working there as well, and nice comfy chairs for nursing Mama's to sit on!! We would FULLY support and encourage our Mama's to nurse in public. We would also offer all the products necessary to facilitate homebirths and promote Doulas and Midwives.

Nothing much going on this morning. Alyssa did really good at her appointment yesterday. Although my hubby nearly gave me heartfailure. He calls me after she got all settled in at the dentist (she didn't want Bill to stay right in the room with her) and says,"So, they said if they had time after the fillings, they would put those cap things on" me:"WHAT!! No one said anything about CAPS! Are you kidding me?? There is no way she is getting those on her teeth! When did they decide this?" Bill: "Well, I think that's what they said they were doing" me:"You think?!?! Are you crazy?? Don't you know??" Bill: Well, I could've mistaken what they said" me:"Please go back in there and ask to clarify, I DO NOT want her having caps on her teeth!!" Bill:"Um, okay. Do you want me to call you afterwards?" me:"Um, YES!!!*smacks forehead* and if they want they can call ME and I will discuss it with them!" Bill:"Ok, will do" So then about 20 min later the phone rings, during which time I am freaking out. Almost ready to call them myself. Bill:"So, uh, I misunderstood. It's not caps they wanted to put on." me:"What? Well, what is it??" Bill:"Well, it's just that sealant stuff that's clear...thats all" I could've reached through the phone and whacked him! Me:"Are you kidding my? You just put me through 20min of torture because you weren't LISTENING???? Ugh!" Bill:"I'm sorry" me:"*shaking head*Nevermind"
It's a good thing I love him!!

Alex goes today, hopefully there'll be no confusion!

Have a blessed Friday!! It's Pizza and a movie night here tonight!! YUMMY!! We're ordering 'Happy Feet' for our movie. I hope it's good!
OH!!!! If you like my Meez person along the side of my blog and want to get one yourself, go to Meez and when it asks who referred you, PLEASE put my name!! I am Mama26 there and I will earn 'coinz' and then I can 'buy' other stuff. I only really want a hockey jersey!!!
Have fun, they even have preggo ones!!!


Sandra said...

Hey girl! Popping in to say hello. I haven't been able to get here lately, know how it goes. I'm glad to see everything is going great on your end. Happy early birthday to little miss Mariah! If I remember correctly from the old babycenter days, Mariah was either due on the same day as Alex was due or she was born on his due date...which was the 26th (am I close?). But, Alex was born 2 1/2 weeks early on the 14th! I can't believe my little man will be THREE on Monday. Where has the time gone? Do you still visit the old May04 babycenter site? I haven't been there in forever!