Saturday, May 12, 2007

~HaPpY sAtUrDaY~

My favorite day of the week!! It's deep cleaning day around here, and 'linen laundry' day. The kids are going downstairs and I just got Matthew settled down for a nap (while having my tea and Saturday morning fix of Clean Sweep for motivation)

Last night was great, Happy Feet is a good movie. It had me a little worried in the very beginning when the penguins were singing and the songs they were singing.....but overall it's good. Some minor scary parts for Mariah and she was fixated on the fact that one penguin has a plastic thingy around his neck and was very worried about it, especially when he starts to choke. I was happy to see that they stayed true to what the animals are like in real life (well minus the singing and talking!!!LOL) and was very impressed by the graphics (are the people real??).
Pizza was yummy, as usual! We ordered this time, but next weekend, it's homemade!

I won't be able to actually go and get groceries this week, so I ordered them to come Monday morning. I hope they arrive fairly early, it makes putting them all away much easier. If I have time, I might post the list in the food blog. I cannot believe how much food prices have gone up. Of course ordering them is going to cost me a bit more, but even when I go to Superstore, it's been more expensive. The produce is getting up there too. But, I guess it's just a reflection of the world's economy and rising costs everywhere, eventually it all filters down to us the consumers. *sigh* I used to laugh when my Dad used to tell me how it used to cost him a nickel for a bottle of Coke and now I find myself telling MY kids the very same stuff!! I guess it's just a parent's right of passage!!LOL

Well, Mariah has my Swiffer duster and is tormenting the big kids with it...guess that's my cue to get my rear-end in full gear!!
Have a blessed Saturday!!