Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

Hope all you Mama's had a great day yesterday! Mine was nice, we didn't do anything and that is fine by me! Today was busy, busy! We started the day off by being slow moving in our morning chores, then my groceries arrived right at 9:30am (usually they're later when I order a big load) then it took me a couple of ours to get it all put away and organized (the result of someone else packing my groceries!!LOL). The next thing I knew it was time for lunch! Then Amy came over with her two little ones and gave me a lesson on how to wrap! Particularly the back carry! Now I know what I was doing wrong!! I wasn't matching up my 'rails' the right way AND I was wrapping it UNDER his legs when it should've gone OVER his legs first! Now that I figured that out, I'm set! Thankyou Amy!!! She also loaned one of her shorties, it's the one I am wearing in the pic:

rucksack carry in the BaraBarn wrap

This is a BaraBarn, 'Grapes' I think is the name.

I have two new shirts!! I ordered some fabric transfers off Ebay, here's one:

My other new shirt

I also have another one that I'll post pics of later. I'm sure they may strike up a conversation or two!!LOL

Right now, we're sitting in the living room watching Kids By the Dozen, tonight it's the Heppners! We missed the first part of Jon and Kate plus 8, gotta try to catch that at 10pm! Hmmmmm, what else is new and exciting???? Nothing else that I can think of!!LOL On the schedule this week, I think a girls night out tomorrow night with Kerri,a nd then on Thursday, our homeschool teacher is coming to see us. We missed out the first time because we were having a tummy bug and then last week she was tied up, so this week is the new date!!LOL

Well, apparently Matthew is done playing on the floor (he can roll BOTH ways now!!) and I need to finish up getting everyone ready for bed and tucked in!
Have a blessed evening!