Thursday, May 31, 2007

~FrIdAy FiVe~

Happy Friday!! Hey! I'm ahead, well actually it's past midnight on the east coast, so there!!LOL
What’s your favorite goody at your favorite bakery?
Oh yum, everything!!LOL I guess a chocolate Eclair or cinnamon buns smothered in cream cheese icing

Someone’s visiting from out of town and craves something sweet: Where do you take him or her for an experience he or she can’t get at home?
Well, that's easy, off to Tim Hortons we go. We will enjoy one of their special donuts and of course some Timbits!!

What’s your favorite order at your favorite ice creamery?
At Dairy Queen and it's got to be a Hot Fudge Brownie Delight, YUMMY!!!!

Oh no! You forgot to save room for dessert! What dessert item on the menu will you order anyway, because you can’t resist?
Let's see, most likely a piece of Flapper Pie or Chocolate Cake, or a hot fudge sundae

You’ve got a craving for sweets, but it’s so late at night that only the corner convenience store is open. What do you get?
Hostess twinkies or a JosLouis

Now that I am starving for some kind of coma inducing sugar high treat!!LOL I'm so terrible when it comes to sweets, I'm a cake and pie kind of gal. I never used to be a chocolate fanatic except during pregnancy. However, ever since my pregnancy with Matthew, it hasn't left!!LOL I love cookies and cakes as well as cream cheese coated stuff and I have been known on numerous occasions to devour an entire 1 litre container of Cool Whip and no, I wasn't pregnant!!LOL

I can't believe it's Friday already, seems to be a common theme lately around here! My Gypsy Mama wrap arrived and I'm in love with it too. I wore it to the doctors office with Matthew and Mariah on Tuesday. I sure got some strange looks....or maybe it was my shirt?!?!?!(I was wearing the one that says "I make milk, what's your superpower" At any rate, people were sure ogling me!! Mariah was such a trouble maker. I cannot believe how she behaved. She screamed and yelled at the doctor. I have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is because of how upset she got at the nurse. At least her eyes, ears and throat all look good. Matthew of course was a happy little man as usual, smiling at everyone. Although he wasn't to thrilled about her checking his eyes!!LOL

I can hardly wait for my Baby ball overalls to come and my Sachi and of course my Girasol!!LOL I also ordered some new cloth diapers, I haven't done that forever. But it was a catch. either spend an outrageus amount on disposables AND pollute the environment. Or just spend the money once on diapers and not worry about it again!! For the first time ever I'm going with chinese prefolds and Bummi super whisper wraps. It should be somewhat entertaining watching me try to get the fold right, but they assure that it is easy once you get the hang of it. I ordered everything from this cool Little place called The Baby Market PLace They're close and have a special where they don't charge any shipping on orders over $75. I was originally going to get the cotton diaper kit by Bummis, but the store that sells them here was out of stock. I am thankful now, because I am much happier with what I got.

Well, time to finish up around here and tuck myself into bed!! Have a blessed night!!