Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fluffy Mail

I love it when fluffy mail arrives!! Oh! What is Fluffy mail??? Well don't you know?!?!? It's a term that Mama's in the babywearing and cloth diapering world use to refer to when their carriers or diapers arrive in the mail because it typically comes in squishy soft packages. Well, yesterday it was a good fluffy mail day. Yesterday the doorbell rang around 2pm, and there on my doorstep was the postal guy and he has my package of cloth diapers!! Unfortunately, it was a COD order and I thought the postal service would've just sent it to our local postoffice for us to pickup. If only they took debit!!LOL So, I had to send him on his way, my diapers in tow, until Bill got home. WHAAAAAAAA!!! But, it's all good, he went and got them after dinner and here is a pic!!!
Fluffy Mail!!!
starting at the top and moving clockwise, 26 chinese prefolds, 4 hemp jersey doublers, 4 cotton flannel sherpa doublers, 2 Babylegs, 4 Snappis, 5 Bummis Super Whisper Pants. They are currently in the dryer (well except the bummis and snappis!!LOL) and then I will wash them and dry them one last time and then they should be good to go!! I am waiting for a few more things to make their way to me so stay tuned for more fluffy mail!!

This week so far (and it's only Tuesday!) has been a very challenging week with Alex so far. His Tics have been on full scale. They are loud and annoying, there I said it. They are annoying. I feel like a horrible Mama saying that, but it's the truth. I know he cannot help it, and I certainly don't make an issue of it, but whoa. It's been weighing very heavy on my heart. It's a non issue at home because the other kids are used to it and it doesn't phase them, however, we will be out in public. *sigh* I think I need to look into some type of herbal/homeopath help. I am still not planning on any type of traditional medication. I believe the risks outweigh the benefits. Especially when there is no guarantee that they would even work. He even does them in his sleep and like I said he's LOUD. The latest one is a siren type sound (think of when your kids pretend to be a firetruck) as well as his other grunts. Then there is the facial twitches and eye squinting. Oh yeah, and the shoulder shrugging. I have a feeling we are embarking on a long road. I am so very thankful that I have a loving God by my side, who will listen to my worries and frustrations and guide me in the right direction. He knows my son better than me, He created him!! I'm also so very thankful that the Lord has allowed me to be able to stay home and school him. I simply cannot imagine him siting in a traditional school setting, ugh! Not to mention the phone calls from the teachers and the pressure to drug him.....yikes! I get all worked up just thinking of it!!

Well, Robbie is all done his work for the year!!! Alyssa has a few pages to complete and she's all done too!! Alex will most likely have stuff to do right through until Mrs.Seamans comes next week. I've really had to trim his work, but it's all good.

Also in the news, Grandpa is coming for a visit on Thursday!! He'll be down for a couple of days, so he'll get to meet Matthew for the first time! Unfortunately Nana can't make it. She is out of the hospital, however she is still in a care facility and just cannot make the trip. She's doing better than she was a few months ago, but still has a ways to go. At least she's been able to walk short distances and get outside on her scooter. She loves the outdoors, so it's really a morale booster for her to get even 20min outside. Bills dad isn't to keen on coming down (don't get me wrong, he wants to see the kids) he is just really nervous about leaving his wife. I don't blame him one little bit. But, as per her request (read:'gentle' persuasion...meaning YOU ARE GOING!!!) he is coming for a few days. She really wants at least one of them to meet Matthew and one of Bill's cousins just got married and is having a reception type party on the weekend as well. Bill and I are invited, but I have no babysitter. WHHAAAA!!! I would REALLY love to go, I haven't seen a lot of the family for quite awhile. especially in the case of Bills cousin, I haven't seen him since I think Alyssa was a week old!!!LOL But, oh well, at least Bill will be able to go.

Oh did I ever mention how much I love Freecycle?!?!? In no time my entire house will be furnished by Freecycle!!LOL They should coin that a new type of style! I have a nice new BIG table and four more chairs...we can ALL eat dinner together. I have a whole new family of plants, that Bill picked up on Sunday. Oh I love them!!! I've been missing not having any plants in the house (I grew up with a house FILLED with plants) There are 18 altogether, including Bamboo and a Bonsai plants and some Ivy's. There is also a HUGE tall one, that I had some troubles finding a good place for. I ended up putting him on a end table so now he touches the roof!!LOL

Well, I think it's time to go toss the diapers in for their final wash and double check the kid's completed school work. (I love when they just get it all done nice and early!!)
Have a blessed Tuesday!! Here's to hopefully receiving more fluffy mail today!!!
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