Thursday, June 7, 2007

Will Work for a Vanilla Latte

I am so tired and it's my own fault. I'm such a dork and stayed up way later then I should've. I was totally engrossed in a cloth diapering search, reading reviews and window shopping. There are a lot of cloth diapers out there for review!!LOL I've always just used the regulars, nothing fancy, it did the job. Well, I guess I'm still doing that with the chinese prefolds. I really love the bamboo ones. Yes, I did say bamboo!!LOL Wow are they nice and soft. I've got a bunch of stuff for sale, I'm saving up for one or two super luxurious AIO's (all in ones) just for night time and going out. I'm hoping I get the rest of my orders today. I've got some liners/doublers and some fitteds and 2 polar bummi fleece covers coming. I'm also taking the plunge and trying out the diva cup! I've always loved and have used since 98 the Insteads, however I can't find them anywhere here anymore. I'm sick of contributing to the landfill (I've never flushed tampons) and of course the Insteads are disposable. I also ordered some cloth pads. I figure I will use them at night. I am definitely NOT a pad girl, but if theres anything wearing the Inseads taught me, was that all night can cause a bit of a messy morning!!LOL However I don't have the old hag back yet, and I'm in no hurry for her to return. I just want to be prepared. I'm on the search for old clothes and 100% wool sweaters. I think I may hit Value Village in the next few weeks and see what they have. Why do I want old clothes you may be asking yourself, well, I am going to make some of my own cloth diapers. I am going to make them from t-shirts and sweaters. The wool sweaters will be for me to make wool soakers out of, or affectionately known as 'Bum sweaters'. I have one wool soaker (a shortie) now and as soon as I sell a couple things, I'm going to get another one so I can have one to use while the other is washing. Oh, and I got my other carrier yesterday!! It's really nice, I hope I will be alright wearing it. It's kind of like the babyhawk, but much softer. I tried it yesterday while I was doing kitchen stuff and Matthew needed a nap. It was much better than the Babyhawk, but I am going to hang onto it until my Baby ball overalls arrives. Once I try out the baby ball, then I'll decide. I may end up letting it go and getting one more baby ball. There is one more pattern out there I really like. Galaxy spa/waves or this one Illusion Natural. I am putting Freya up for adoption, it is really hard to because I really love her, but I love my Ellaroo and my Girasol. It was a choice between Elsa or Freeya and well, I really dig the fringe on Elsa!! My Cabo is absolutely delicious!! It is soooooo soft!! Yum!!
Oh hey!! Guess what I actually WON something!!! I never win!! I was visiting Mommy Knows website and if you leave her a comment, you're entered into her draw for that day. She is giving something away everyday for the month of June. So I left her a comment, and I won!!! I won a beautiful wooden puzzle, I chose This one I thought it was the most neutral for everyone to share. WOOOHOO!!

Well, time to switch a load of laundry, and get the kids going on their school. I think I'd have better luck herding cats today!!!
Have a blessed Thursday!!
PS. I may be back later to post some more fluffy mail pics!!

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What kind of diapers did you decide to buy?