Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday 5 and a stash of sorts

Here's my Five!!
What’s a favorite shortcut of yours?
I think it would have to be once a month cooking, it is so cool when I can just take out a bag of precooked homemade food and just unthaw, presto dinner is ready!!

What’s something you insist on doing the long way?
probably my cleaning and laundry, I don't take many shortcuts with that. I also like to make as much of our food from scratch

What does your favorite pair of shorts look like?

they are my ancient velour ones, I don't wear them outside though. They are oh-so-comfy!! I have a couple of pairs of regular shorts, but they aren't anything I'd say is my favourite

Excluding classical music, what’s the longest song in your iTunes?
I don't have an ipod or anything of the sorts, so no iTunes for me. If I did have one, it would most likely be an extended version of something from Enya
What’s the title of a short story you really like?
probably anything by Brothers Grimm, yeah I know, not so adult like,hmmmmmm, maybe Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
I'm partial to short things, being short myself and all!!LOL However I don't like to get the short end of the stick in a deal. That is the long and short of it! :o)

So I figured I would share with my stash of cloth diapers, what I had, what I have and what is on it's way, and what I will be getting in the near future.
    What I used to have

this is what I used for the last 10yrs
24 Kushies/Kooshies these are the ones with the waterproof liner, I always used a cover because all my babes leaked. I have sold 15 of these.
18 Polliwogs Fitteds these were great except my guys grew out them so quickly. I sold these
12 Gabbys fitteds I have small sized. Pretty good I sold 6.
12 Seedlings Fitteds These are my most favourite fitteds, I used to have 24 but but I had bought them used in 1996 and over the years and through the kids, some have lost elastic or just plain disintegrated!! The 12 I have still work beautifully and I will use them until they all fall apart!!LOL
They still wash up nice and fluffy and are brilliant white!!
6 Cuddlers Fitteds these are the generic one of Kushies if I remember correctly. I use these here and there. The absolutely must have a doubler and a liner and sometimes two doublers in order to work.
12Newborn WAHM Fitteds ones. These are so teeny weeny, they work pretty good. I got them second hand and they needed dire help. It took me forever to fix them. They had so much residue on them the water just sat like little drops on them!!
8 various wraps and covers and pull-ons. I sold 6.
Various inserts from fleece and flannel.

    What I have Now

26 Premium Chinese prefolds, I was so terrified to use these, now I'm sorry I waited so long!! Not one leak, they are soooooo easy to fold and wash up soooo nice!
5Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, lovin these too!
4Hemp cotton jersey doublers, LOVE these!
4Cotton Sherpa doublers, these are soooooo soft and the perfect size for prefolds.
All this was from The Baby Market Place
I'm so impressed with this company. They offer C.O.D which I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I like it because we don't use credit cards of any kind. They were shipped in the blink of an eye and they call AND email to confirm before shipping. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for cloth diapering products. They also have a HUGE assortment of other baby paraphernalia, including clothing and shoes, as well as toys. All top of the line stuff here!!!
1Babyology wool shortie soaker. I haven't used it yet, because I am waiting for some lanolin and wash to arrive. To be honest, I'm nervous about using it!!LOL But, I trust what everyone says about wool and it's absorbing properties. I think it will be much nicer for Matthews little bumbum in the summer!!
You can find them here: Babyology
8 Hemp cotton jersey doublers
8 Fleece Liners
1 Flannel Economy Doubler
1 Hemp and Fleece doubler
I got only 1 of each so I could see which one I liked better because I have never tried any of them before. They just arrived today!!
Fluffy Mail
left-right, is the hemp jersey, then the fleece liners, then a printed economy and then the fleece hemp doubler. They are quite a bit bigger then my other doublers I have, which I like too. I think a successful cloth diapering regime has a little of everything. The smaller ones are good for daytime and I think the bigger ones will be good for nighttime and for stuffing into pocket fitteds.
These are all from Bareware another super place to buy from. You've heard me talk about this place a lot before!!LOL As of now, her stock is mostly liners/doublers and a few other things, BUT, she does have some already been loved diapers on sale, as well as some clothing. She also has lots of info too. This is the first time EVER in the 8yrs I've been buying from them that my order to more than a week to get mailed out. She had a very good reason though, she had a migraine. Going through those myself, I can totally sympathize.

What is On it's Way

2 Jamtots ez hemp fitteds
2 Bummis polar Fleece wraps
2 Jamtots one size hemp fleece inserts
*1 Diva cup
*1 Sudz 'n' Dudz Wool bar soap
*1 bottle liquid lanolin
These are all from JamTots I am patiently awaiting my fluffy mail from them. I can say that so far the customer service has been excellent. They answered my questions right away and have a good selection of everything you need for clothdiapering.
*All of these are Canadian Mama's running a business and they are all West. JamTots is located in B.C. Barware is located in BC, and The Baby Market Place is in Alberta. I always try to buy from WAHM (work at home moms) who are Canadian and even better if they are out west here. I have the utmost respect for WAHM, having been one myself for over 10yrs, I know the challenges and I appreciate their hardwork and dedication to provide their customers with top notch product and excellent customer service.

On My To Get List

*these are subject to change because I am like that!!LOL
From JamTots:
~4 Sugar Peas Hemp Fitted
~1 Berry Plush AIO, sage(ohhhh I cannot wait to feel this one!!)
~3 Berry Plush Minkee topped snap liner(for the Berry Plush AIO)
~4 Premium Unbleached Chinese Prefolds (bring me up to 30 prefolds, and I want to try the unbleached ones!!LOL)
~1 3pk Perfect Pads Cloth Pads

From TheBabyMarketPlace
~2 Bamboozles (another one I can't wait to feel!!
~4 Sammy's Cotton Sherpa
~3 Cotton Sherpa Liners

From Babyology
~1 Wool Shortie (I would like another one so I can have one when one is drying!!)

That is what I *think*!!LOL Then I have revamped and redesigned my Cloth Diapering Stash. There are a few that I would like to try, but we'll have to see as time goes on.I really love the plushness of some diapers. I would really like to get my hands on a Rumpsters Fitted but I haven't seen one available here. Unless I somehow missed it. I may be able to get my hands on one at the FSOT at the Diaper Pin

Now that your eyes are all glazed over after reading all that, I will let you be.
Tonights plans include Bills Dad coming over for dinner!! The kids are so happy he's here!! He offered to buy us all dinner, so we will be having KFC tonight!! YUM!! I am sooooo down for crispy chicken sandwich, and some fries and gravy!!
Have a blessed Friday!!