Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Left of school. It's not all THAT bad, it's just they are sooooo un-focused and bouncing off the walls. Of course it doesn't help that they had a late night last night because I was out grocery shopping. Tomorrow we will wrap everything up and pack everything up. Clean out the shelves, wipe down the shelves. I will make lists of what I will need to replace for next year. Take down some of our posters, I think I will leave our wipe-off board up. I nailed/glued/taped that thing up, me thinks I should just leave it!!LOL I will also leave our calender up, we don't normally do calendar time in the summer, but it's good to keep it up as a reference. Speaking about our summer plans, I've got it all put together now. We don't do any traditional type schooling, this is when I let loose my inner un-schooling mama side. We will still do reading and writing, but much more relaxed. Our math will be in the form of cooking and budgeting for groceries and playing store. Robbie needs to do a bit more practice with reading, so I think I will do a homemade reading program for him. Also, we are so blessed to have received off of Freecycle a huge bag of crafting supplies to make leather type crafts and dream catchers. The kids will love this, Bill is actually on his way right now to pick it up!! I also got from this super lady, a 7 foot Christmas tree with lights and decorations. What a TREEmendous blessing!!LOL

Went grocery shopping with my Mom last night. We went to Safeway because all I really needed was fresh fruits and vegetables, it was so quiet!!! i was please they had my ground Flax seed on sale!!Yum!!!

I also place my order for some more diapering stuff at Jamtots What an awesome company. I am so very pleased with everything they have to offer. The customer service is top notch and they are so very quick with their replies. Honestly, if you need cloth diapering stuff they are the ones to head to. I believe they also have a store you can actually visit in Victoria. I wish they were here!!LOL Although, that might not be such a good idea!!ROFL! I would never leave!! But, Holly and Jen are fantastic to work with.
Another great place is the The Baby Market Place They are here in Alberta located just outside of Edmonton. The are terrific to work with too. Kim is quick and prompt with her replies and shipping as well. They also carry a wide assortment of toys and clothing. I was just thinking the other day, that where they are located is where my Uncle's ex-wife's family live. I went there and stayed one weekend when they both were still together. It is a really nice community with lot's of trees and beautiful houses. Ooooops, got off track there, anyways all of these Mama's are fabulous and have provided me with an awesome online experience. I would buy from then again and again.
Oh,you would like to know what I ordered, would you?? well I decided to with this
*1 Berry plush AIO in butter
*1 Berry Plush AIO in sage
*3 Minkee lined hemp soakers for the Berry Plush
*1 3pk of cloth pads for me
*6 Sugar Peas 2 size fitted
You have no idea how long it took me to decide on that!!
Then, when I sell a bit more stuff, I will be getting 2 of the Baboozles Bamboo fitteds and I *think* some of Sammys one size sherpa fitteds at The baby market place.

Well, I really should be getting things organized around here, especially with the tree coming, i will need to be able to get it to the storage under the stairs. Errr, I guess Bill will have to get at the storage!!
Have a blessed day, Penny