Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Friday and Day 1 of Summer Break!

The kids all did great on their finals yesterday and we managed to get most of the stuff packed up, mostly just the items needing to returned to the virtual school. All the children have advanced to the next grade! It's bitter sweet for me as this means that they ARE indeed getting older, yeah I know, it's bound to happen. It just seems like they are getting older SOOOO quickly!! Alex will be in his last year of Elementary, Alyssa has moved onto the division two (gr.4-6) Robbie is onto Grade 2. Kayla will be doing Kindergarten....KINDERGARTEN!!! Didn't I just bring her home from the hospital???? Before I know it, they'll all be independent young adults! Don't mind me, I'm just having a Mama nostalgic type day. Today my baby is 7 months old and as we were nursing this morning, I discovered he has his two bottom teeth! Thankfully, I didn't discover them by way of biting, he just happened to pull off and tip his head back enough that those two little silvery white lines glistened in the light. I ran my finger over them and sure enough, they are both through.
Time is just so unfair sometimes, you know, when you need it to go by quickly, it drags on and on. Yet, when you would love to have an extra little bit of it, it vanishes into the next day before you even know it. I'm thankful that I am able to homeschool them, I know I've said this many times before, but I just really am so blessed by it. It is such a wonderful opportunity to watch your children learn. I think when kids are at school, us as mothers and fathers miss out on A LOT of that part of parenting. It's like when your baby first learns to walk or talk that joyous feeling of watching them learn something for the first time, well, it's the same with homeschooling. I get to watch them learn to divide/multiply for the first time and share with them that feeling of accomplishment, right then and there. I get to encourage them, and rejoice when they have mastered the task at hand. Some may see it as overprotective, or perhaps sheltered. That is alright with me, I'm so over that. I have dealt with so much bunk from 'expert' strangers, that it just flows through one ear and out the other. I am comfortable in my own skin now. I am a young Mama who has a lot of kids and would LOVE to have as many as the Lord would bless me with. I am Christian, and I have a deep love and devotion for the Lord, yet I don't attend traditional church, and I am okay with that. I love my husband and am willingly and lovingly devoted to him and stand by his side as his wife and helper. I homeschool my children and I shelter them from as much outside negative influences as possible, yet we talk openly about them. To many I am weird, or odd. Some may balk, some may shake their head, it's all good. I got that when I told people I was in love at 15 to a 21 year old guy and when I said I was engaged when I was 16, then when I was pregnant at 17 with my first, when Bill and I decided to get married when I was 17. The list goes on throughout the years, yet, I have never once regretted any of my decisions. So as my children age, as do I. I do not think of myself as old, don't get me wrong!!!LOL I am and always will be young (be it if only in my heart!!) but, it is a different state of mind approaching 30. I am looking forward to my thirties and what they may bring. It will be a time in my life where I will watch 2 of my children graduate, and one will be very close. I could very well become a Nana during that phase of life!! But, the only difference is, how I will be approaching it as opposed to my twenties. When I was turning 20, I was so happy to be done with the teens age years and hopefully some of the stigma attached would be dropped. It wasn't and I spent a good deal of my early twenties worried about outsiders and how they saw me. Something changed over the last couple of years and I think it may have giving birth to number 5 and 6. I am who I am and I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished so far. It may not be what the world sees as accomplishments, I do not have a University/College Degree, nor do I have a BSc, Md, or anything fancy bedside my name, just a Mama and a Wife. To me that is all I need right now and I am right where I wanted to be and want to be. When I do turn 30, I will have been with my Billy for half my life. We will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary the year I turn 30 and 14 years together. My oldest will be head on into preteen years. It will be a new way of life and yet, it will be the same in a lot of ways.

All I know, is I am looking forward to it and I am ready for a new challenge, but can't I just keep my babies little for a bit longer? Please? Somehow, I just don't think that is going to happen, so I will have to soak up and savour each day, be it a good day or a not-so-good day, because it's all we have. I don't have the future. I don't have the past. All I have is today, the present, and it truly is a gift.
Have a blessed Friday!


Sandi said...

What a great post today, Penny! I know just how you feel. You are where you were always meant to be, doing just what you were always meant to do...being the best wife and the best mama to many blessings! I've missed coming here the last few weeks. Work and the kiddos have been keeping me super busy and keeping my pc time to a minimum. I'm catching up though.

~Blessings to ya!

Becky said...

Hello, my name is Rhys and I am 10 years old this month. I have my own blog and I was wondering if your son would say hello to me on it? I am from Ireland and my mom has a blog too. My friend Sean has a blog and we work on them in his house because I have two younger sisters and a baby brother and mum is busy a blog address is Sean's blog is my moms blog is not very big. it is Seans mum and dad are saved and her site is Thank you very much. Rhys

Cakes said...

what a touching post.
thanks for sharing that.

A Mama in Seventh Heaven said...

I'm so glad you both enjoyed that!!{{{{HUGS}}}}
God bless, Penny