Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Calgon??Scotty??Anyone?? :O

Sorry I have been away from here for the last few days, been a lot going on lately.(May or may not share more about that in another post) Anyways, Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Daddies out there!!! Ours was really nice, we stayed at home (don't have a Kayak or a Canoe..LOL) the rain was crazy!!
We made a special dinner for daddy and a special dessert. The kids all made daddy special cards as well. I added pics in the flickr (umm, yesterday actually).

The kids are enjoying their holidays so far, I am planning on heading to the lake lot's as well as getting things together to head to the library!! I'm ashamed to admit that my kids have never been to the library before!!! We used to have one close by that I would go to when Alex was a toddler and Alyssa was a baby, then they moved! It will be quite a walk, which is why I have to plan and organize it.

More Fluffy Mail arrived this week too!!
Fluffy Mail!!!
Berry plush Minkee liners, sugar peas fitteds, 2 Berry Plush AIO's, and my three cloth pads. This was all from JamTots
Let me tell you the Berry Plush is soooooooo soft!! I am also really impressed with the Sugar Peas, they are a really nice diaper and dry quickly, which is an important factor! Maybe I will take a pic of my entire 'New and Improved' stash!!LOL
I also have to say, that I have been using a wool shortie from Babyology, WOW! I will admit, I was skeptical, however the wool has me hooked! I have been using it for almost 1 whole week and letting it dry in between uses and NO smell! It absorbs like crazy!! So I got one more to use while one is drying. I would highly recommend to anyone cloth diapering to use one, you'll be impressed! They do take a bit more to care for. You can only gently hand wash them in wool wash and then you have to lanolize them in pure lanolin and they do take quite awhile to dry afterwards, but it is so worth it! Matthew stays dry and cool and it has been perfect during the day AND night!!

It also helps to keep him cool while in a wrap, which he will be in for a good part of the summer walking we go on. I am so excited in the next little while I will finally have my hands on my BabyBallOveralls Camo MeiTei!! Until then here's my current stash:
l-r: Girasol Cabo wrap (this one is my absolute favourite, I use this one all the time) then there is my Ellaroo Elsa (she hasn't been getting much love lately..) and then there is my MeiTei, I use this fairly frequently for my back carries, but I may part with it after my Camo BabyBall arrives!!

Well, time to get back to laundry and life!!
Have a blessed Wednesday, Penny


Misty said...

Hi Penny,

Love all those diapers. How fun! Have a great day.