Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Happy Hump Day!!!

Well it's case you didn't know!!LOL Not much on the go yet this morning, we seem to be moving slow so far today (alright I guess it's not that bad, I'm only about 15min behind, but sometimes that can mean a world of difference) Matthew decided he really needed an extra long feed this I can't complain that it wasn't time well spent!!*grin*
Now the kids are just finishing up eating a snack and then time to hit the books. It gets hard to keep them focused when it gets to this time of the year, all they can think about is summer holidays and all I can think about is "GET IT DONE"

I'm hoping that later today I can get some pics posted in the flickr, it's been awhile and I really want to show you my new wrap and my new Mei Tai. I've decided I want to get one more MeiTai and one more wrap, I think one that is a size smaller. I'm finding with the long tails that I get with my size 6, it's not helping my back carries. The MeiTais are really cool, I'm thinking of maybe a freehand one next time, but I'm not sure!!LOL It's so easy to stare all glassy eyed at the FSOT board on The Baby wearer!!LOL

I'm trying to figure out what to plant in my front yard. It gets basically no sun, maybe for about 30-60min in the early afternoon and the dirt is filled with those darn shale rocks that are the nasty orange variety. Personally I hate that garden(can I call it that?) but when you're renting, beggars can't be choosy. Although it grows weeds beautifully!!LOL Any ideas on plants/flowers that are shade loving and aren't too picky about the type of dirt? I'm not much of a greenthumb type of person, although I do love to garden...I just have a terrible habit of killing anything that needs chlorophyll to live. EXCEPT My bamboo plant, now that I have managed to keep happy and healthy for over a year now!! Maybe it's because all he needs is fresh water every few days and doesn't live in any dirt?!?!

Well, now I am 30min behind!!LOL Time to go switich the load of laundry, make another cup of coffee (wishing it was a Vanilla Latte from Starbucks!!LOL) and get some school work done!!(OI, but first I will need to vacuum the mess of goldfish crackers Mariah smushed........*groan*Actually, I will get HER to vacuum it up!!)
Have a blessed day!!


noelle said...

what about impatiens? My bed gets too much sun for them, but I sure love them. Pansies like the shade and are easy to grow too!